The Best Red Dot Sights [Updated 2018]


Originally used by the military professionals, the red dot sight has been recently introduced to the civil field, this tactical instrument being used by amateur sports shooters, hunters or simply as a navigational aid.

Unlike the spotting or rifle scopes, the red dot doesn’t have a magnifying effect nor a classic notch pattern; still, it is considered one of the most useful tactical instruments.

There are different types of red dot systems that vary in shape, sight characteristics and features, and if you’re not a military professional, choosing the best red dot sight can be difficult. To help, we made a thorough selection for you.

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Red Dot Sight

From the myriad of tactical sight systems available out there, Vortex Optics SPARC II Red Dot is by far the number one among the top red dot sights.

Vortex is a renowned manufacturer of tactical and sports optical instruments, and its SPARC II model is extremely popular among amateurs and professionals alike.

This Speed Point Aiming instrument is really compact, lightweight and compatible for use on both rifles and shotguns. The model is made of a modular three-piece base with four separate mounting heights that allow users to customize the instrument for their specific weapon. The digital rear-facing controls ensure an easy operation and the visual is great.

SPARC II has 2 MOA adjustments and the daylight brightness can be adjusted to ten intensity levels. The instrument remembers the last intensity used and will automatically adjust to it when powered up. The users appreciate the compactness and reliability of the make, the night vision, and the solid warranty, among many other characteristics.

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Now, let’s have a look at SPARC II’s competition.

1. Sig Sauer SOR52001 Romeo 5

Sig Sauer SOR52001 Romeo 5

Romeo5 is probably the most representative model of Sig Sauer’s red dot systems, a robust and compact instrument characterized by a 1X aiming solution that is optimized for the modern MSR/AR platforms.

Optical Performances

Romeo5 has outstanding optical performances, the instrument having a vibrant and crystal clear visual that is parallax free and able to maintain the same point-of-aim and point-of-impact. The instrument boasts unlimited sight relief and it also has 10 illumination settings for clear visibility in all light conditions.


This red dot instrument is compact, lightweight, waterproof and fog proof. A feature we really like is the motion activated illumination (MOTAC) that powers down the instrument when it doesn’t sense any motion to save the battery’s life. The instrument also boasts an integrated Picatinny M1913 interface that allows standard mounting on many firearms.


One CR2032 battery and two mount risers, an M1913 Picatinny and a co-witness 1.41” riser, are included in the package.

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2. Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight

Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight

A popular red dot sight, Bushnell’s Trophy TRS-25 impresses with its 3 MOA reticle and with the amazing clarity of the view.

Optical Performances

TRS-25 has a multicoated 25mm lens that provides crystal clear images in almost all light conditions. The lens is engineered with the Amber-Bright technology that provides a high contrast between the various elements and helps you distinguish with ease between similarly colored objects.


This optical instrument has a compact and lightweight construction designed for easy transportation and use. The sight can be used with both eyes open thanks to the unlimited eye relief, and it also is parallax free. This red dot system is really easy to mount on all Weaver or Picatinny rail systems.


Except for the CR2032 battery, the instrument doesn’t come with other add-ons or accessories.

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3. AT3 Tactical RD-50 Red Dot Reflex Sight

AT3 Tactical RD-50 Red Dot Reflex Sight

AT3 is a family-owned business specialized in the production of AR-15 parts and accessories, their red dot optical instruments being intuitive, easy to use, and designed for a fast target acquisition. One of their most representative models is the RD-50 red dot reflex sight.

Optical Performances

The RD-50’s optical element is characterized by a crisp 2 MOA, parallax-free design that allows using the instrument with both eyes opened and to stay on target regardless of the position of the eyes. The 25mm wide lens is multicoated and scratch resistant. The instrument has 11 brightness settings that provide optimal visibility in almost all light conditions, but unfortunately, it is not compatible with the night vision.


RD-50 is waterproof and fog proof, the instrument having a compact, sturdy design made of aircraft-grade aluminum. Weighing only 6.3 oz. and measuring only 2.4 inches, this reflex sight can be used on a wide variety of guns including hunting rifles, shotguns, and handguns.


The RD-50 comes with multiple accessories such as a Renata CR2032 battery, a riser mount, lens cleaning cloth and rubber cover.

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4. Tasco .22 Rimfire 1x30mm

Tasco .22 Rimfire 1x30mm

If you are looking for a high-quality yet inexpensive red dot sight for sale, the Tasco .22 Rimfire could be the instrument you are looking for.

Optical Performances

Tasco Rimfire’s optical performances are certainly incredible, the instrument impressing with its 30mm optical lens designed to provide stunning HD clarity. The reticle has 5 MOA, 11 illumination settings, and unlimited eye relief.


The Rimfire .22 is an excellent red dot instrument compatible with .22 rails and it also fits standard centerfire Weaver rails. The unit is compact and lightweight and it comes equipped with a CR2032 battery. Some users complained about the battery’s lifespan.


The manufacturer doesn’t mention the presence of accessories other than the battery in the purchase package.

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5. Tactical Reflex Red Green Dot Sight

Tactical Reflex Red Green Dot Sight

WNOSH isn’t a famous tactical optics manufacturer but we decided to dedicate the last red dot sight review to their Tactical Reflex Red Green Dot Sight because of the outstanding characteristics of this optical instrument.

Optical Performances

This red dot instrument has a 22mm wide objective aperture and a 5 MOA reticle with a dual color dot, green and red. The field of view is 50 degrees and the instrument boasts a parallax-free design. To provide clear images in all light conditions, this sight has a 5-level brightness control.


The Tactical Reflex Sight is made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and it is fairly compact and lightweight. The make is waterproof and fog-proof and it is designed to fit most types of weapon rails including standard 1913 Picatinny, Weaver and more.


The sight comes with a CR2032 battery, one Allen wrench and a low profile rail mount, rubber cover, and a cleaning cloth.

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