10 Essential Skills for Outdoors

If you’re thinking about camping or doing some other types of outdoor activity for the first time, then this is a great article for you to read.

There are some essential skill sets that you will need to know and do. When you are doing an outdoor activity, it is like experimenting with something before becoming comfortable with it.

This article will explain some of the essentials needed for your outdoor skills training exercises.

Outdoor skill sets needed:

  • Understanding first aid
  • Being a quick learner
  • Being a weapons expert
  • Having an experienced group leader or trainer
  • Knowledge of the area
  • Being able to read maps and understanding where the campsite is located
  • What equipment is essentially needed for your camping
  • Mountain climbing

1. First Aid

Outdoor skills - first aid case

One of the first basic skills that you should have is knowledge of first aid.

At the very least carry a first aid kit. Understand about preparing a sling and bandaging a wound.

If you have CPR training that would be beneficial as well.

The more you know about helping in emergency situations, the more successful your outdoor skills training camp will be.

You may want to become certified in CPR if you are not already to ensure that you know the proper skills to perform in particular emergencies.

2. Being a Quick Learner

Quick Learners

If you are someone who catches on quickly, then you should be able to get through your outdoor skills training easier.

There will be a number of different scenarios that can and will happen while outdoors in the wild.

You should be as prepared as possible for every one of them.

If you are a quick learner, then you can pick up quickly what needs to be done in similar situations that will happen for real outside of your outdoor skills training courses.

3. Weapons Expert

If you are great with using weapons, then you should do well with your outdoor skills training.

You will never know what kind of danger that you may encounter while in the wild.

You must be prepared to shoot a gun, understand archery targets when you shoot a bow and arrow, and knife training.

All of these weapons may be needed as you work through your outdoor skills training courses and the real excursion in the wild outdoors.

4. Having an Experienced Group Leader or Trainer

Experienced Group Leaders

In order to understand anything within your outdoor skills training camp, your outdoor group leader or trainer must be experienced. This is one of the most essential things that you will need.

As you begin training, your group leader should be one who is qualified to lead your group.

He/She should be well equipped with the knowledge and know-how of what it takes to teach you the skills needed in your outdoor skills training camp.

Every possible scenario should be covered that you will encounter outdoors in the wild or as many as possible.

Your group leader should have years of group training as he/she teaches you how to secure your own outdoor skills.

5. Knowledge of the Area for Your Outdoor Experience/Map Reading

Map Reading essentials

As you begin your outdoor skills training, it is always a great idea to be able to read various maps of the area that you are planning on camping out or doing your outdoor activity.

When you are capable of reading a map of your intended visiting area, you should never get lost.

Making sure that you do not get lost in the wilderness where it could take help days if not weeks to get to you is essential.

6. Understanding and Preparing Your Equipment Needed for Your Excursion

Preparing Equipment

A part of your outdoor skills training coursework should include helping you to prepare and gather the essential equipment that will be needed for your outdoor excursion.

When you understand what is needed and why then you can begin to feel more secure about your outdoor activity.

The outdoor skills training camp should teach you about each piece of equipment necessary to perform well in the outdoor wilderness.

It should also show you a backup plan in case of emergencies.

One essential piece of equipment is a food cooler for camping. We’ve picked the most reliable ones in our article, so check them out.

If you’re not into tents and prefer to lounge on hammocks, make sure you’re equipped with the best tarp for hammock camping.

7. A Way to Connect with the Outside World

Signal Fires

There may come a time within your outdoor skills training when you realize that you are lost and all alone. It is at this moment when you will need to learn how to make contact with the outside world.

Being alone in a forest, jungle, or out in the wilderness can be a frightening thing.

And what is worse is that oftentimes when you are in such a remote location, you will be out of cell phone range.

Your cell phone does not work and you have no way of connecting to others who need to know that you need help.

There are several skills that you will need to learn in order to connect with the outside world. You will need to build a fire.

This can be done by bringing together all of the sticks that you can find and putting them into a pile.

Then surround the sticks with stones to keep the fire well contained. If you have a lighter, then you can start the fire yourself, if not, then rub two sticks together causing friction until the fire and smoke begin.

The smoke will signal planes up above that there is someone down there who may need help.

When you learn during your outdoor skills training camp about sending smoke signals or firing off flares, then this is an essential skill that can be used during an emergency.

8. Let Someone at Home Know Your Destination

Let Someone at Home Know Your Destinations

It is always a great idea to tell someone that you know and trusts your destination.

While you will be doing your outdoor activity and may not be able to be reached, at least someone will know to contact the police or someone to check on you if you are gone longer than expected.

Tell that person exactly where you will be going and when you will return from your outdoor adventure.

Let them know that if you are not back by a particular date, to begin a search for you.

While this may seem extreme, the skill of telling someone specifics about your destination could be a critical one to be used.

9. Wear Protective Glasses or Shades

Protective Glasses for Camping

There will be some outdoor destinations where you may travel that have a lot of warm weather and a lot of light from the sun.

Too many rays from the sun overhead can be damaging to your eyes, leaving you almost blind to what you will need to observe in the wild.

Keep shades or dark glasses on your eyes as much as possible for protecting your eyes.

The dark glasses or shades should be in your pocket or somewhere closest to your skin so that you can readily grab them when needed.

10. Be Observant of Signs During Your Skills Training

Watch for Signs in the Woods

As you begin your outdoor skills training. Remember that it is always a good idea to observe the signs that you see along the way.

If you are training to go to a wooded area, there may be signs warning you to stay away from the area due to unknown dangers there.

Being aware of the signs that are around you will help guide you to safe places should you need them in an emergency.

There are most likely going to be some Beware of signs for you to observe which lets you know to stay away from these areas.

Being aware of your surroundings just means that you realize that danger could be lurking around any corner and you want to be as prepared for it as possible.

Keep your mind focused on any danger signs that you might see. It could help you get through your outdoor skills training camp faster and save your life in your real outdoor excursion.

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Final Notes

As you begin your outdoor skills training courses, remember these essentials in order to better prepare for the real thing.

Knowing first aid and CPR or certified pulmonary resuscitation is important for any type of outdoor activity.

Also, being a quick learner will help you to adapt to the many various situations that can happen on your outdoor excursion.

You should be a weapons expert who is good at shooting a gun, carving with a knife, or using archery with a bow and arrow.

Always have an experienced group leader or trainer!

They must be knowledgeable about what you are about to encounter in the wild.

Also, having great knowledge of reading maps is also essential.

When you know how to read various types of maps, it will make it easier to get back to a campsite or your place of origin.

And finally, during your outdoor skills training, you will need to understand what equipment is essential for you to take on your outdoor excursion.

Understanding and taking in these tips and advice will help you with both the essentials of your outdoor skills training and when you encounter the real outdoors on your next excursion.

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