5 Tactical Gear Every Man Should Own

You’ll always come across folks who love dressing up in military fatigues and getting clad in tactical equipment as if there’s war.

Some people see this as an act of paranoia and a waste of resources. But there is nothing wrong with being prepared.

Tactical equipment could help you survive in case of civil unrest or natural calamity. It could also help you save lives.

Preparation begets success, and nothing is better than being tactically prepared. No one should blatantly invade your space.

But what is the most important gear that a man should own?

Keep reading, and you’ll know.

What Is Tactical Gear?

Essential Tactical Gear

Tactical gear is the equipment used by people in law enforcement, safety, and the military for them to perform their duties efficiently.

They include (but are not limited to) flashlights, pocket knives, bulletproof vests, night-vision goggles, and navigation equipment.

Why Do You Need Tactical Gear?

The million-dollar question is, ‘Why do you need tactical equipment?’

One of the biggest benefits tactical gear can provide is safety.

In extreme situations, gear such as helmets, military vests, and goggles will help you get to safety, and even save lives.

But you may ask, ‘Isn’t that the work of law enforcement and emergency services?

You are right. But it doesn’t hurt to have equipment that improves your chances of survival in case they aren’t around for whatever reason!

There’s nothing wrong with having tactical gear. It’s just like having a fire alarm or fire extinguisher in your home.

You are responsible for your survival – at least, you should fight to see another day.

Whether you are in law enforcement, training, or hunting, tactical gear makes you efficient and lets you move quickly. You can swiftly navigate in the dark or bad weather to accomplish your goals.

Tactical gear also includes colorful and comfortable protective clothing, which protects you from abrasion while hiking or camping.

Aside from its practical benefits, tactical gear can also be stylish and fun to wear.  To help you gear up, we’ve made a list of tactical essentials for your EDC list.

Top Tactical Gear For EDC

1. Tactical Backpack

Black Backpack

Tactical backpacks are currently a hit in the carry market.

It’s as if everyone wants their survival pack, and that’s not a bad thing.

But why should you own a tactical backpack?

First of all, these backpacks are sturdy and convenient to use. Also, being designed for war and difficult situations, they’re more durable than most bags on the market.

That means you can use them to carry your stuff securely and efficiently, for a long time.

There are various types of tactical backpacks, one of them is the hunting backpack.

Hunters need the best equipment. After all, hiding in bushes, dealing with difficult terrain, and stalking game is never easy.

Unpreparedness can lead to an unsuccessful hunt.

Most hunting backpacks have water bottle pockets and a hidden gun holster. Some of them even have a rifle holder. These packs enhance your endurance, survival, and speed.

Another type of tactical pack is travel backpacks, which are ideal for nature lovers and serial hikers.

They are perfect for long-distance walking. They have functional features such as breathable backs, highly padded and adjustable shoulder straps, and roomy compartments.

Range backpacks are also another option for you. They have different compartments for guns, shells, and other stuff like goggles and helmets.

They are the kind of bags that you can take to paintball games and gun ranges for convenience.

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2. Hand Mirror

Tactical Hand Mirror

Hand mirrors would probably be the last on your list when shopping for tactical gear.

However, they are as important as bulletproof jackets. Hand mirrors help you see around corners and above walls to easily spot aggressors.

They give you the upper hand in any kind of emergency.

In most cases, mirrors come with clips for portability. They’re also perfect for room searches. Keep in mind, however, that they are different from ordinary mirrors.

3. Tactical Folding Knife

Black Tactical Folding Knife

Tactical knives are essential for military personnel, law enforcement agents, and firefighters.

Overbuilt knives, in particular, are ideal for handling difficulties in the field such as cutting through tough surfaces. They are also compact and can easily fit in your backpack pocket.

Tactical folding knives have a robust blade that can cut through solid materials. These knives are exceptionally sharp. Their folding functionality also ensures your safety when they’re not in use.

Some of them, like the law enforcement folding knife, have nice features like the seatbelt cutter.

You can never claim to own tactical gear if a folding knife is not part of your collection – ask any military guy.

Curious about Class 4 Weapons? Our informative guide has everything you need to know!

4. Military Watch

Silicone Military Watch

You’ll need a sturdy watch to go with your tactical equipment.

The military watch is a combination of resilience and utility, ideal for survivalists.

Clever marketing may get to you and end up with a useless piece. However, there are great brands on the market that give value for your money. Just make sure to do proper research to buy the right one.

If you are into extreme sports, an ordinary watch will not serve you well.

You need something that will assist you during accidents. In short, tactical watches are incredibly resourceful and completely durable. As a regular Joe with no military training, this watch will keep you above the pack.

5. Tactical Jacket (And Pants)

Tactical Jacket

Military personnel or outdoor adventurers are no stranger to harsh conditions.

As such, they need protective clothing such as tactical jackets.

These jackets are made from high-quality materials to overcome abrasion and bad weather.

When paired with reliable tactical pants and the best tactical knee pads, hunters and hikers find these jackets useful as they help in surviving in the wild.

You can also casually wear these jackets on a regular day out.

Some tactical jackets also have several pockets to carry outdoor essentials.

You can also attach a ghillie to your jacket if you need camouflage. Learn how to build your own here – “how to make ghillie suits.”

Final Words

Tactical gear is a blessing to any survivalist, hunter, or anyone in law enforcement.

Anyone can own this equipment and become a hero. But we’re not saying that you should plunge into danger at will. We should still let the professionals handle this kind of work.

However, if danger, calamity, or an alien invasion occurs, tactical equipment will surely help us survive.

Have fun and stay safe!

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