Are Night Vision Goggles or Scopes Illegal in the US?

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Do you want to go shooting at night? Night vision goggles can let you be effective with a gun. The downside is that they are illegal in many states for hunting certain species, and there can be a hefty price tag on these devices. If you’re going to use them, it’s important to know your state’s laws.

Night vision goggles provide an infrared image of the world around you by amplifying available light, such as moon or starlight. This technology was first developed for military purposes–it was used extensively during World War II–but now it is also widely available for civilian use. These devices are often used by law enforcement officials because they allow officers with limited line of sight (due to darkness) to monitor activity without being seen themselves.

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Legal restrictions on night vision devices vary from state to state, so it’s important you know your state’s laws before investing in a pair of these goggles. While you may be fine in Georgia, California is always a different story!

Also note that federal law classifies night vision products as “restricted,” which means sales and distribution are limited to specific groups. In particular, the technology is ITAR controlled meaning you can’t allow it into the hands of foreigners.

Is it legal to use night vision for hunting?

Night vision goggles are illegal for hunting many species in most states. While we aren’t going to list all of the state regulations and keep up with changes, you should check with your state’s department of natural resources or equivalent. They should have species-specific regulations.

For example, shooting predators like coyotes is often illegal at night while shooting game animals with night vision is practically never legal.

You should also note that using an infrared viewer at night also counts as spotlighting–which is illegal in most states. So, even looking at game at night can be illegal!

Are night vision goggles illegal?

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No, there aren’t any federal laws prohibiting the ownership and use of night vision goggles. However, there are restrictions on giving them to foreign nationals.

Night vision: legal or not?

Bottom line: night vision products are legal for US citizens to own.

If you have a range where you can shoot at night, then you can own and shoot with them without a problem with federal law as long as you don’t give the technology to foreigners.

Just be sure to double check your state laws to make sure you’re in the clear!

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