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Digital military watches are more and more appreciated by adventurers and military professionals alike because of their precision in indicating the current time and also because manufacturers can easily equip these models with innovative advanced technologies.

In fact, the digital military timepieces can be defined as multifunction watches that integrate multiple features such as a compass, altimeter, heart rate monitor, stopwatch and much more. The vast majority of the manufacturers use state-of-the-art technologies to build their watches while reducing their weight and increasing their functionality and autonomy.

But choosing a digital military timepiece is far from easy. Deciding which model has the best functions is hard, especially when there are dozens of models available on the market. To help you, we narrowed the options to five top digital military watches. Read our reviews below.

1. Casio G-Shock G9000MS-1CR Military Watch

Casio G-Shock G9000MS-1CR Military Watch

The G-Shock G9000MS-1CR is certainly an excellent digital military watch characterized by an oversized black resin case and a matching wristband. The digital dial is divided into various sections that show the current time, date and day of the week. The negative dial adds a touch of class to the rather sporty design, even though some users complained about the difficulty of seeing the display in certain light conditions.

From a technical point of view, the G9000MS-1CR raises to the expectations. This watch is suitable for the professional marine activity, being water resistant at 660 feet. It is also equipped with a chronograph and it features many other functions, such as 5 separate alarms and hourly time signal, countdown timer and stopwatch, full calendar and flash alert.

Furthermore, the timepiece is extremely durable and reliable, being mud resistant, shock resistant and scratch resistant.

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2. Suunto Core

Suunto Core Watch

Characterized by a minimalist yet functional design, extreme precision, and amazing functions, Suunto Core is one of the most appreciated digital military watches for men available on the market.

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Matching a Suunto Core watch to your style is easy, the manufacturer producing this model in 15 different colors ranging from the traditional black to bolder colors such as intense blue or light green. But regardless of the colors, all Suunto Core watches come with outstanding functionalities.

In fact, Suunto Core can be defined as a complete digital military timepiece, the watch featuring an altimeter and barometer, a compass, and a sunrise and sunset track system in over 400 locations worldwide. In addition to these, the Suunto Core has other useful functions designed specifically for adventurers.

The only downside of this watch, if we really want to find one, is the lack of the GPS. Some users also complained about the difficulty of seeing the All Black’s model displays in certain light conditions.

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3. Timex Expedition Digital Watch

Timex Expedition Digital Watch

Addressing the needs of both military professionals and adventurers, Timex Expedition can be defined as a superlative digital military watch. The sturdy military green case is made of resin and it is shock resistant to ISO standards, while the negative digital display completes the design to perfection.

Built for intensive outdoor use, this watch features numerous functions. Among them, we can name a digital compass, a luminous dial and the water resistance at 660 feet.

Although this is a great watch, it is our duty to speak about its drawbacks too. Among them, we can mention the lack of functions such as altimeter, barometer and depth meter. Furthermore, some users complained about the lack of durability of the wristband.

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4. Lad Weather Digital Watch

Lad Weather Digital Watch

A less expensive digital military watch for sale that comes with countless features is the Lad Weather, a timepiece built specifically for intense outdoor use.

From an aesthetic point of view, this timepiece presents itself as a sleek watch with black dial and matching wristband characterized by a negative display and large characters. The model is modern and simple but the functions integrated are thought to impress.

The main function of the watch is that of forecasting the weather, the timepiece being equipped with a German sensor that can detect whether it will be sunny, partially sunny, cloudy or raining in the following hours. In addition to this, the watch features an altimeter and barometer, a digital compass and a thermometer.

Useful features for both adventurers and military professionals are the track mode and the altitude graph that keep a log of the path.

Lastly, this watch integrates functions such as the calendar, dual mode time, daily alarm, power saving mode, countdown timer, and it comes in 7 different color options.

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5. Pyle Digital Multifunction Watch

Pyle Digital Multifunction Watch

Our last digital military watch review is about the Pyle Multifunction, a watch greatly appreciated for its multiple features and the affordable price.

The design of this watch is simple yet attractive, the manufacturer paying attention to detail. The resin black dial matches perfectly with the wristband. A negative display shows the current time, date, the day of the week and the forecast, while the outer rim doubles as a compass.

Among the multiple functions, we can highlight the barometer and altimeter, thermometer, pre-programmed calendar and the countdown timer and stopwatch. To help you keep track of your activity, the Pyle multifunction also boasts an impressive internal memory that can keep records of 34 hours of history data recall.

With so many exceptional features at a great price, we can easily consider the Pyle Multifunction a reliable heavy-duty watch.

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Final Thoughts

Choosing the best digital military watch was not easy, but after carefully considering the features and characteristics of all the proposed timepieces we reached the conclusion that the best of the bests is the Suunto Core watch.

We like everything about this timepiece, beginning with the sleek, minimalist design. Our favorite is, without a doubt, the white version but there are plenty of colors to choose from.

On the other hand, the outstanding features and the fine precision of this watch make it a trustworthy companion for both military professionals and explorers or adventurers.

It is true, we would have worshiped this watch if it would have been integrated with GPS. Nevertheless, we are fully satisfied by its performances.

Read our Buyer’s Guide and find out our all-time favourite military watches.

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