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A high power scope is an essential optical instrument for many outdoor activities, including professional tactical activity, hunting or other recreational activities such as playing softball or observing the wildlife.

There are two types of scopes that come to mind when thinking of high power optical instruments, the rifle scopes and the spotting scopes. The purpose of use of the rifle scopes is extremely straightforward, but few people consider the versatility of use and the superior power of the spotting scopes.

In fact, many spotting scope models have compact dimensions and accessories that allow users to mount them on the shotguns. Furthermore, even if the spotting scopes come without these accessories, they still adapt very well to tactical use and more.

Nevertheless, we know that different people have different needs. To help you choose the best high power scope on the market regardless of what type of model you’re looking for, we have made a selection of the best products in both categories.

Our Recommendation

High Power Scope

When choosing the best high power optical instrument we considered several factors such as the versatility of use, the maximum magnification power, and the popularity. With these criteria in mind, our team reached the unanimous conclusion that best scope on the market, according to us, is the Kimfoxes Monocular Scope.

This versatile instrument is suitable for both tactical and recreational activities thanks to its amazing magnification power between 15 and 55X. The images delivered by this optical device are bright and clear while the field of view is really wide thanks to the 21mm objective lens.

The scope is extremely lightweight and compact, being easy to carry around. To ensure its durability, the manufacturer enclosed the delicate lens system into a metal aluminum structure that is covered in rubber for easier handling.

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Even if this instrument has excellent performances, we understand that you might have different requirements. Therefore, let’s see our top five high power scope reviews.

1. Feyachi Tactical 8-32×50 AOEG Rifle Scope

Feyachi Tactical High Power Rifle Scope

Finding a reliable tactical high power scope for sale built specifically for rifles or other firearms can be daunting. But a great riflescope that impresses with its magnification power is the AOEG by Feyachi.

Optical Performance

The AOEG rifle scope delivers crystal clear images and boasts an impressive optical performance. Its magnification power varies between 8 and 32X, and the scope ideal for long range targeting. The 50mm objective lens guarantees a wide field of view and the eye relief is also exceptional.


The scope features a tactical Mil-Dot reticle and a Fast Focus ocular that allows easy target acquisition. The reticle is illuminated in red and green and it boasts 5 brightness controls. The instrument is shockproof, waterproof and fog proof.


The instrument comes with a CR2032 battery, two mounting rings, lens cover and an Allen key, among other accessories.

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2. BARSKA Benchmark 25-125×88 Spotting Scope

BARSKA Benchmark 25-125x88 Spotting Scope

If you are more of a naturalist than a tactical passionate, then BARSKA Benchmark spotting scope might be more suitable for you. However, this instrument can also make an excellent tactical optics.

Optical Performance

This spotting scope is one of the most powerful scopes available on the market, boasting a magnification power between 25 and 125X. Furthermore, the 88mm objective lens guarantees an extremely wide field of view. The images delivered are crystal clear.


Many might consider this scope too bulky and heavy to carry around, but the truth is that it can be used with success for many activities including hunting and some tactical activity in addition to nature watching. The lens system is fully coated and the instrument is weatherproof.


The scope comes with two carrying cases, soft and hard, a tripod, a handheld tripod and lens cleaning cloth.

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3. Gskyer 25-75×75 Spotting Scope

Gskyer High Power Spotting Scope

Many users consider this Gskyer a top high power scope, the instrument being described as highly performing and suitable for a wide variety of purposes that range from shooting to observing the nature.

Optical Performance

The manufacturer didn’t create this scope specifically for tactical use but many customers confessed that targeting and shooting with this scope is a breeze. The magnification power of this instrument is impressive, between 25 and 75X, while the 60mm objective and the dynamic lens focusing system allow an easy target acquisition.


The instrument is equipped with a BK-7 prism and a fully multicoated optic system that deliver a crystal clear, bright image even in low light conditions. The instrument is waterproof and fog proof.


In the price are included a carrying bag and a handheld tripod, as well as a cleaning cloth.

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4. BARSKA 11-33X50 WP Tactical Spotting Scope

BARSKA 11-33X50 WP Tactical Spotting Scope

A tactical high power scope designed specifically for shooting at long distances is the BARSKA 11-33X50 WP. This model is extremely popular because of its excellent features.

Optical Performance

Designed for hunting and use in tactical environments, this scope impresses with its bright and clear images. The magnification power varies between 11 and 33X, while the 50mm objective lens ensures a wide field of view.


This scope has a military Mil-Cross reticle designed for precise targeting. Focusing the instrument is really easy thanks to the side focus knobs; furthermore, the scope is waterproof, fog proof and shockproof.


The scope comes with a mini tripod and a carrying case.

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5. CVLIFE 6-24×50 Hunting Rifle Scope

CVLIFE 6-24x50 Hunting Rifle Scope

The last high power optical instrument to suggest is an excellent riflescope that boasts an impressive magnification power. This scope is compatible with a wide range of firearms, it is reliable and comes at a more than affordable price.

Optical Performance

The optical performance of this instrument is guaranteed by the high-quality lens system with a magnification between 6 and 24X. The 50mm objective lens is wide enough to guarantee an impressive field of view for such a compact instrument.


The scope comes with an illuminated reticle that makes target acquisition a breeze regardless of the environmental light conditions. The instrument is parallax free from 15 yards to infinity.


The manufacturer included two mounting rings and an Allen key in the price but unfortunately, it is not specified if the battery comes with the scope or if it must be purchased separately.

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