The Best Military Watch Brands


There are dozens of military watches on the market, some of them manufactured by prestigious brands that also manufacture luxury or casual timepieces and others manufactured by exclusively military watch brands.

It is easy to understand that the signature military watches often have exclusivist prices, while the ones in the second category are usually characterized by a rather bulky appearance.

Nevertheless, we believe that there is always a middle way between the opulent luxury, functionality, and accessibility from an economic point of view, therefore we have selected for you some of our favorite tactical watches brands. We aimed to address all the tastes and budgets, therefore, below are the best military watch brands according to us.

1. Invicta – 17203 AVIATOR Watch

Invicta - 17203 AVIATOR Watch

Defined by an elegant style and outstanding timepieces, Invicta is one of the top military watches brands. The company was founded in 1983 by Raphael Picard in Switzerland and initially manufactured military mechanical timepieces.

The company proposes a unique, glamorous style for its watches, combining sophisticated lines with the characteristic functionality of the military watches. Invicta proposes different lines for military professionals serving in navy or aviation, one of the most famous probably being the Aviator line.

The signature Aviator watch is the 17203 model, an elegant timepiece characterized by a round stainless steel case and an intense blue analog dial. The final touch is given by the stylish outer rim plated with 18K rose gold.

But the looks is not everything about this watch, its functions being truly outstanding. The 17203 is water resistant at 330 feet and the watch is equipped with a chronograph, stopwatch, and tachymeter. In addition to these, the model also has other useful functions such as a calendar and more.

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2. Citizen – Navihawk JY8035-04E Watch

Citizen - Navihawk JY8035-04E Watch

Even if it is a famous watch manufacturer, Citizen is not the first brand that comes to mind when thinking about tactical and military watches. Nevertheless, the company is one of the most reliable men’s watch brands that also manufactures high-quality military watches.

The company promotes a multicultural mindset focused on excellence and creativity, its timepieces being technological, reliable and durable.

One of the most popular military watches is the Navihawk JY8035-04E, a timepiece from the Eco-Drive line. The Eco-Drive technology is able to convert virtually any light source into energy, therefore the watch doesn’t depend on a battery or on the solar light to recharge.

The design of the Navihawk JY8035-04E is typical for a high-quality tactical watch, the analog-digital dial including a multitude of elements that allow the use of the watch’s multiple functions. The timepiece has two independent alarms, a chronograph, compass, tachymeter and it is synchronized with the Atomic Clock for superior accuracy.

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3. Casio – Pro Trek Watch

Casio - Pro Trek Watch

Casio is certainly one of the top military watch brands, the manufacturer hitting the market with its renowned G-Shock line. Casio is one of the technological pioneers in the watches’ world, being among the first brands to propose a battery-free solution for the quartz watches.

Choosing a representative military watch of the brand was a real struggle as all its timepieces are extremely reliable and durable. Nevertheless, after consulting consumers’ opinions and users reviews we decided that the signature watch of the Casio military line is the Pro Trek, a watch thought for the field operations.

The Pro Trek is, without a doubt, a heavy-duty outdoor watch. Both the case and the wristband are made of resin. The digital negative dial displays the current time, date and day of the week, while all the functions are easily accessible and intuitive.

The watch has an ABC function, it features 6 radio bands for ultimate precision and it automatically lights up in the dark with a simple twist of the wrist. Furthermore, the watch is shock resistant, mud resistant and water resistant at 660 feet.

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4. Luminox – A.0201.BO Watch

Luminox - A.0201.BO Watch

If all the military watch brand reviews from above feature manufacturers that make both tactical and casual watches, Luminox is an exclusive manufacturer of military timepieces. All the brand’s watches feature a unique self-illuminating system that uses tritium gas tubes that provide a constant glow, while the actual tactical watches are divided into 4 lines, Sea, Air, Land and Space collections.

From a military watch brand specialized exclusively in the production of professional timepieces, it was extremely difficult to decide which should be the representative watch, so we present you the A.0201.BO, the most popular watch in the SENTRY series from the Land collection.

We decided to choose this watch because it is a beautifully crafted vintage-inspired tactical watch. The case and wristband are made of black carbon compound, the analog dial maintaining the dominant shade.

When it comes to the features, this watch is water resistant at 330 feet, it has a unidirectional rotating bezel and orange – ice blue tritium tubes. And while it is true that Luminox manufactures more performing timepieces, according to the users’ reviews, this watch is great and it comes at an affordable price.

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5. Seiko – Flight SNA411 Watch

Seiko Flight SNA411 Watch

Seiko is another military watch brand for men that manufactures both tactical and casual timepieces. Nevertheless, the reliability and high-quality of Seiko watches are renowned worldwide.

In fact, Seiko’s history begins over a century ago and, over the time, the brand developed its timepieces by using the latest technology. Thanks to the dedication of the brand, the military timepieces proposed are famous for their accuracy, reliability, and durability.

One of Seiko’s most popular military watches is the Flight SNA411 model, an analog timepiece thought for the pilots.

The traditional dial is provided with a chronograph, the rotating bezel can be used as side-rule and the luminous hands and hour markers sign the time even in the dark. The movement is ensured by a high-precision Japanese quartz mechanism and, according to the users, this truly is an outstanding timepiece.

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Final Thoughts

It is easy to see that many military watches brands sale casual timepieces too. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that their tactical timepieces are less cured or of lower quality compared to the ones manufactured by the exclusively military brands.

But even if there are many valid choices available on the market, our favorite military watch brand is Luminox. All their watches are developed under the close supervision of former military professionals, addressing in this way specific military needs. In addition to this, Luminox watches are some of the most brighter in the dark.

If you decided to give them a chance, you could consider the signature watch chosen by us or simply read our other watches reviews to find the best model for you.

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