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The vintage military watches are often seen as collection pieces unsuitable for the modern everyday use. But the truth is that these timepieces are nothing but a practical, durable and sober expression of the modern tactical watches manufactured according to the modern trends. And as odd as it may seem, the models of vintage military watches for men enjoy a huge popularity.

The reasons that stand behind the choice of such a timepiece are two, the desire to enrich a well-curated collection or the desire to wear a watch that is classy yet extremely functional.

If in the first case, the buyer will always search for an original vintage military timepiece, while the consumers in the second category often prefer choosing vintage-inspired pieces that are more affordable yet equally sophisticated.

We aim to address both categories, and for this reason, our vintage military watches reviews include both original and vintage-inspired timepieces.

1. Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116506 Watch

Rolex Mens Watch

The first vintage military watch that comes to our mind when thinking about original vintage military timepieces is the Cosmograph Daytona by Rolex. The manufacturer launched the Daytona collection in 1963 and even if the line received a few updates during the years, Rolex Daytona watches are unanimously considered true vintage pieces.

Rolex dedicated this line to professional pilots, the Cosmograph Daytona 116506 being probably the most stylish of the collection.

This watch is made of platinum and impresses with its ice-blue analog dial protected by a scratch-resistant anti-reflective sapphire crystal. The motion is ensured by a self-winding mechanism, the watch presenting a second hand and a tachometer on the outer rim. Apart from the tachometer, this watch is also water resistant at 330 feet.

Although the price may be considered by many quite prohibitive, a lot of users still appreciate the everlasting characteristics of the brand. Daytona’s most appreciated features are the accuracy and reliability of the watch, even if some argue that, from an aesthetic point of view, the manufacturer could have done better.

In our opinion, this watch is absolutely awesome and it can be considered a true collection piece of vintage military watches for men.

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2. Bertucci A-2T Vintage Watch

Bertucci A-2T Vintage Watch

Bertucci is a rather young company. The manufacturer only launched its first military watch in 2003 and in 2008 it launched its first and most popular vintage-inspired military watch, the A-2T, a timepiece that follows the lines of the vintage infantry watches.

The analog dial is simple, yet the watch perfectly combines the benefits of today’s technology with the classy elements of the past. As such, the dial has super luminous marks and the hands are also self-illuminated.

The movement is ensured by a Swiss quartz mechanism and the dial is protected by a hardened mineral crystal window.

The watch is water resistant at 330 feet; apart from this, it doesn’t have any other tactical features but it still is a wonderful choice if what you’re searching for is a vintage inspired piece.

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3. Timex Weekender Chronograph Watch

Timex Weekender Strap Watch

If you are looking for a vintage military watch for sale, a model to consider is the Weekender Chronograph by Timex.

This watch is a beautiful vintage-inspired military timepiece characterized by a traditional round dial with Arabic numbers and 24 hours marks. A date window is located at 4 o’clock and the chronograph function makes this watch a great alternative to the modern tactical watches.

The model is manufactured in a wide range of colors and the users can also choose the preferred wristband from the available options, that range from genuine leather to canvas.

According to the users’ reviews, the only drawback of this watch is the low water resistance, that is only 100 feet.

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4. Stührling 699.02 Aviator Watch

Stuhrling Original Brown Leather Band Watch

Another vintage-inspired timepiece that impressed us is the 699.02 Aviator model by Stührling.

This watch strikes with its vintage look, the round black analog dial incorporating splendid design elements. In fact, the original way of showing the day of the week, as well as the asymmetry present between the numbering style of the two halves of the dial give this watch a unique appearance. The design is completed by a brown genuine leather wristband.

The characteristics of this watch are also superlative. The 699.02 Aviator is water resistant at 330 feet and the Japanese quartz mechanism ensures the high precision and reliability of the timepiece.

Sold at an affordable price, it is easy to understand why many users consider it a top vintage military watch. The vast majority of the reviews are positive, probably the most appreciated feature being the self-luminescence in low-light and no-light conditions. Some flaws were also reported regarding the durability of the wristband.

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5. Victorinox Infantry Swiss Watch

Victorinox Unisex Infantry Analog Display Swiss Quartz Watch

We can only end our list with a watch inspired by the Victorinox signature vintage Infantry Swiss Military watch.

The upgraded version pays tribute to the original, the manufacturer respecting the vintage design. This watch has a traditional round stainless steel case and an analog dial with beautiful Arabic numbers that mark the hours. a magnifying window for the date is positioned at three o’clock and the look is completed by the genuine leather wristband.

The motion is ensured by a quartz mechanism, but Victorinox manufactures the same model in two other versions, among which we can also find a mechanical one.

The watch is water resistant, scratch resistant and extremely accurate. The second hand and the self-luminescence are further characteristics that define the manufacturer’s reliability.

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Final Thoughts

It is easy to understand that the best vintage military watch available on the market is the Rolex Daytona 116506 watch. The brand’s name is synonym with everlasting watches, fine precision technology, and opulent luxury.

Many may argue that this watch is not for everyone. And in fact, it is true. But when it comes to choosing a vintage timepiece, Rolex has no competitors. Beginning with the style and ending with the durability and reliability of Rolex watches, there are plenty of reasons why investing in one can only be a wonderful idea.

Read our Buyer’s Guide and find out our all-time favourite military watches.

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