Casio G7900-1 G-Shock Watch Review

Casio Mens G Shock

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Casio is a renowned manufacturer of military and tactical watches, its success in this field being almost exclusively owed to its G-Shock line. 

One of the most popular models is Casio G7900-1 G-Shock watch, a timepiece that stays true to the brand thanks to its sporty design and dynamic characteristics.

This particular timepiece is part of an older collection. Nevertheless, it boasts a contemporary look and it can still compete with the most advanced tactical watches on the market.

Because this watch still enjoys huge popularity, we decided to test it and this is our unbiased Casio G7900-1 G-Shock watch review.


Casio G Shock 7900-1

Casio manufactured a wide range of G-Shock timepieces, the linking factor between all of them being, without a doubt, the sturdy yet masculine design.

The G7900-1 maintains the characteristic line of the G-Shock watches, presenting itself as an imposing timepiece designed to be noticed.

The case and wristband are made of resin, while the round digital dial is simple and intuitive. 

Compared to the other G-Shock watches, the Rescue model displays not only the current time, date and day of the week but also the phase of the moon and the tide of the sea, two incredibly useful tactic elements.

The choice of the colors is truly inspired. 

The wristband and the case are black, while the dial’s display uses light colors for the background and a dark gray for the figures to ensure easy reading of the time. 

A touch of style is added by the red elements such as a button and the writing on the case.

The final touch is given by the extremely resistant mineral crystal window that protects the display.

Characteristics And Functionalities

This Casio G7900-1 G-Shock watch for men has many military and tactic functions that can be successfully used not only by military professionals but also by all adventurers.


Common to many G-Shock watches, this feature allows users to turn on the backlight of the watch with a simple twist of the wrist. 

Many may argue that this is an unimportant feature, but the truth is that it is always handy to turn on the light of your watch and read the time without having to press any button.

To maintain a low energy consumption, the auto-illuminator activates itself only in low-light or no-light conditions and it features the afterglow.

World Time

Another useful feature specially designed for military professionals but also for the active travelers is the world time, a characteristic that allows checking the time in 29 different time zones and 48 cities worldwide.

5 Daily Alarms

G Shock Alarm

The daily alarms signal the events that repeat every day by emitting an acoustic signal at the pre-chosen moment.

Casio G7900-1 G-Shock watch is equipped with five independent alarms, four of which are multi-function alarms designed to be used for specific events while the last one is a regular snooze alarm typically used to wake up.

In addition to the alarms, the watch uses acoustic signals with other functions too, such as the countdown timer or the stopwatch.

Flash Alert

Any time an alarm sets off, a visual flash alert is also triggered to notify you of the event. 

The flash alert can also be used as an hourly signal together with the acoustic alert or together with the countdown beeper to signal the passing of time.

Additional Features

The top Casio G7900-1 G-Shock watch presents a multitude of other useful features. 

To begin with, we have to mention the resistance and durability of the model, that is water resistant at 660 feet, shock resistant and also resistant to extreme temperatures.

To make this watch even more reliable compared to the other G-Shock models, the manufacturer added to the design four-point protection and enlarged the buttons and the display format for easier operation.

Among the other features, we can mention the pre-programmed calendar, various time-measuring modes and the 12/24 hour format.

In our opinion, the only thing G7900-1 model is missing is the ABC function.

User’s Opinion

G Shock In Hand

Many users refer to this model as the “best Casio G7900-1 G-Shock watch”, claiming that it is the best watch they have ever owned.

Without a doubt, the most appreciated characteristic is the tide and moon phase indicator, a unique feature that is missing from almost all the other tactical watches available on the market. 

Another appreciated characteristic is the durability and reliability of the watch, ensured by the heavy-duty materials used in the manufacturing process.

Regarding the dimensions, some users confessed that this is a rather big watch, the G7900-1 measuring 47 mm. If it’s too bulky for you, check out our women’s military watches article.

Nevertheless, the watch impresses with its strong masculine design and it is considered an awesome accessory by many. The weight is also reported as being just perfect.

The watch has really few negative feedback, the majority of the less satisfied users complaining about really minor flaws, such a poorly written instructions manual. 

On the other hand, just like with any other product, it is impossible to satisfy all tastes and needs with a single product.

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