Fishing In an Emergency Situation

What will you do if you run short of your food during a faraway outdoor activity?

Do you have to start your journey back home or go starving for the remaining days?

Well, you don’t have to worry. Use emergency fishing as a survival tactic and all will be fine.

Emergency fishing will surely help you to survive at the onset of any situation where you have nothing to eat.

Fish is good a type of nutritious food that can keep you going for a couple of days when you find yourself hungry and helpless. Emergency Fishing can only be easy if you know what to do.

What you need to know about emergency fishing

Pearl River Floodings

Importantly, understand that this is a lifesaving undertaking.

Notably, with emergency fishing being a survival means a response, preparedness is very important. No matter how full your backpack could be, always consider including a fishing emergency kit.

At least, you can be sure of not starving to death in case your backed food is no more.

The truth is shit happens!

Emergency fishing skills

Learn fishing basics in case you love outdoor activities. The good thing about fishing is that, with good fishing skills, you do not need to have high-tech fishing kits to do it.

Eventually, with a strong hook and any sort of a line, you are good to start your fishing. If you are a skilled fisher, even without any fishing tool, you can easily design your own tools from the available resources, make good fishing lines and hooks.

Emergency fishing kits

emergency fishing kit

A key requirement for excellent emergency fishing is an emergency fishing kit. With this, you are good to go with or without a fishing pole.  

This kit should be well equipped with such items as a razor blade, fishing line, hooks, a sinker, a bobber, a small container and good baitcasting reels.

We personally recommend these fishing reels. With them, you shouldn't have many problems.

Choosing an emergency fishing kit

A well designed and equipped emergency will definitely save you during crisis situations.

Be keen to ensure that every requirement is included in the kit and that they are in good condition for efficiency and effectiveness.

Your kit choice should, therefore, be among the highly rated and popular used by outdoor fishers.

Your emergency kits case should be durable and able to fit inside a backpack of any size. The kits need to be small and lightweight for easy packing. It is advisable to ensure that the sharp kits have a sheathed removable plastic for reattachment after use to enhance safety.

Besides being an easy to pack kit, always carry an emergency kit that is easy to store and ensure that both tools are working appropriately. More so, ensure that the emergency fishing kit has:

  • Quality kits
  • It’s designed by a zealous fishermen
  • Contain fishing basics depending on the type of fish in your mind.

Emergency fishing tips

Great level of patience, determination and craftsmanship will enable you to do effective emergency fishing. Basing on the fact that we may not venture on a trail with fishing kits that are always compact the following tips are way forward to finding fish for emergency cases.

1. Remember you are fishing for survival

It is important to note that emergency fishing is for survival and not sporting. Therefore, any method you use to get a fish is okay so long as you get one.

The sportsmanlike manner of catching a fish and reservations on how not to catch are not applicable here.

You may hesitate to kill a fish in a painful or a crude manner but note that your priority should be your survival.

Remember, you could spear a gorge or spearing hook to save fish from the pain, which could be at the expense of your own life.

Emergency fishing is a matter of life or death.

2. Use a spear

Usea Spears emergency fishing

You can make a spear from woods and branches or even the trekking poles and bones in case the wood is scarce.

This is the most effective tool that can help you to catch a fish within seconds. All you will require is to fashion one of the ends to make it pointed and then you can wade the spear into the shallow waters.

3. Make a gorge hook

This is also known as a toggle hook, made from a durable straight material, which could be an antler, a bone or a piece of wood.

The hook should be short and sharpened at the two ends.  For easy attachment with the line, a gorge hook is designed with a middle notch.

While using carefully, insert the hook into a soft bait for the fish to swallow.

Thereafter, you will pull the line, causing the gorge to turn sideways, hence lodging on the throat of the fish.

4. Hook fashioning

Fishing Hooks

It does not necessarily have to be a gorge hook since you can improvise many hooks from different materials to save an emergency crisis.

If you have a safety pin, thorns, needles, a bone, paper clips, pop can tab, animal claw or long nails you are sorted for a hook.

Cloth threads, long twisted tree backs shoelaces and dental floss are great in improvising a fishing line.

5. Noodling

A time, you may have zero option left and you need to save someone's life.  Though risky, you can threaten your survival by trying to pull catfish out of holes using hands.

Always consider this has a last resort since it can cause further emergency cases that may worsen the situation.

Remember, catfish could be big enough to pull your hands off. Besides, snapping turtles and sharp objects can attack you while wading.

6. Dam constructing

What a great idea! A dam is like a funnel with passing fish.

With it, spotting a fish is easy faster to make a catch. You can spear or stun a fish with a big stone or use a net to get them. A funnel makes it easy to scoop a fish from waster.

To Sum Up

Survival fishing is not as easy as suggested by most manuals, hence it is important to sharpen skills prior to the occurrence of the crisis. Always weigh the survival fishing reward against the energy to be spent, to ensure that you do not overburn your calories than what your prey would really provide.

Carrying a gear that can help you fish, as you rest is key to ensuring that you remaining calories are not deprived completely. Safety is key when it comes to emergency fishing. Master emergency fishing skills for your next outdoor activities and you will survive at the occurrence of the worst crisis!


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