Survival Resources

The Instablade Knife – Folding Credit Card Sized Knife

Ultra Slim – Folds to the size of a credit card, 2 mm THIN! (The same size as your standard credit card and 1/10th the thickness of your standard utility knife!)
Surgical Steel Blade – Stainless steel construction for durable, rust-free sharpness.
Built-In Safety Sheath – This prevents any accidents caused by an open blade in your pocket or pack, and even prevents the blade from becoming blunted during everyday carry.

The EDT Tool – Your Every Day Mini Multi-Tool

This clever tool is an invaluable, possibly life-saving utensil that is equally at home on your keychain, in your pocket, your purse toolbox, or even the kitchen drawer.

You never know when you’ll need a tool and this simple, tiny tool, makes sure that you’re never more than an arm’s length away from the basic tools you need.

The mini “multi-tool” instantly folds out and multiplies in the strength of your own hand. The tool also features a super sharp “Surgical Blade” so that whenever you require a sharp edge, you’ll be prepared no matter the situation. Also included are a mini Phillip’s head screwdriver and a can opener.

The HyBeam Flashlight – The HyBeam Tactical Flashlight

  • Super bright bulb with an aircraft grade aluminum body that is waterproof and shock resistant.
  • Features a 3 stage switch with High, Low, and Strobe.
  • Ultra light, ultra tough with a beveled edge that can double as a defense tool.

The Everstryke Pro – Emergency Waterproof Firestarter

This simple self contained fire starting device is made out of solid stainless steel, and will start a fire in the rain, sleet, or snow, and even if soaked it will remain 100% waterproof!


  • Ferro rod that strikes at over 3000 degrees and flame burns at over 600 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Matches are capable of 15,000 long burning strikes.

HyBeam Poplamp – The HyBeam Poplamp 2 Way Light

  • Ultra Bright – Genuine 1 watt CREE bulb puts off an intense 300 Lumens. Bright enough to light an entire room!
  • Hybrid Light Source – With a simple twist, the PopLamp transforms from an ultra compact LED torch into an incredibly bright and efficient lantern.
  • SOS Signal and Strobe – With the push of a button you can call for help with the international distress signal, and the eye catching strobe is designed to alert others where you are… Or even disorient a would be attacker.
  • Ultra Light and Compact – At just 4 ounces, this travel friendly design goes anywhere and everywhere you do so you’re never caught in the dark.
  • Weather Proof – Rain, sleet, or snow, the PopLamp will stand up to anything mother nature can throw at it.

Survival Business Card – 11 Function Multi Card Tool

This clever tool is an invaluable little gadget that fits in your wallet serves 11 cool functions. Grab one today to make sure that no matter where you are, you’re always prepared for an emergency situation.

  • Can Opener
  • Knife Edge
  • Slotted/Flathead Screwdriver
  • Ruler
  • Bottle Cap Opener
  • 4 Position Wrench
  • Wingnut Wrench
  • Saw Blade
  • Direction Ancillary Indicator
  • 2 Position Wrench
  • Keychain/Lanyard Hole

The FireKable – Paracord Bracelet / Whistle / Firestarter

  • Has it all: Contains the ferro rod and striker in tucked neatly into the bracelet fits discretely on your wrist.
  • Strikes hot, Burns hot: Ferro rod strikes at over 3,000 degrees hot enough to set just about any tinder alight
  • Ultra Durable: Paracord is rot and mildew resistant and heavy duty ferro rod should last thousands of strikes with proper use
  • Easy to use: If you can strike a match you can start a fire
  • Ultimate survival tool: In a survival situation a fire is life, and you would be amazed at just how far a little bit of cordage can get you! This tool will make sure that you can start a fire whenever, wherever you need it. And it will give you over 80 feet of fully functional cordage.

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