Ultimate Guide for Fishing Gear + Types & Methods

Fishing can be a rejuvenating experience!

Millions of people head out to rivers and lakes to try their hand at fishing.

Some of them consider it as a sport whereas some others want to enjoy the relaxing experience which comes with it.

One thing which is for sure is – if you wish to relax while fishing or if you wish to get the biggest catch, having the right fishing gear from your side is essential.

If you are new to fishing, it is crucial to understand how to choose the right fishing gear.

You don’t need every piece of gear which is available in the market. It is essential to be selective when it comes to choosing the type of fishing gear, which you want to take along with you.

We will help you out by sharing the necessary gear you should consider to take with you.

With the help of our guide below, you can be sure that you do not miss out on any crucial piece of gear!

Fishing Licenses

Man Holding Fishing Licence

One of the most underestimated requirements for a fishing trip is the fishing license.

Different states and regions have different rules and regulations when it comes to fishing. They require you to purchase a license or permit online.

The absence of such a license or permit can cost you dearly. Hence, it is vital for you to buy one. Check the rules and regulations in your region.

Usually, the wildlife departments sell these on their official websites. There are different licenses available.

You can choose one according to the type of water body you are visiting. You can opt for the freshwater license or the saltwater license or both of them.

If you like hunting as well, you can buy hunting and fishing license, which will allow you to indulge in both the activities.

There are exceptions when it comes to fishing licenses. Children and military personnel in some states do not require a fishing license.

You have to check the local rules and regulations before moving ahead. You should not underestimate the need for a fishing license when heading on such a trip.

Fishing Rods

Fishing Rods Store

People who have no experience in fishing often think that with the most expensive equipment, they will have a better chance to catch a bigger fish.

It is not true at all. You have to choose the gear carefully without looking at the most expensive options right away. The essential equipment which you need is a fishing rod.

There are a different type of rods available which we will highlight below:

  • Casting Rods
    • Casting rods allow you to place the bait wherever you want accurately.
  • Spinning Rods
    • Spinning rods are the small version of casting rods. They are lighter and smaller. The length is usually between 5 to 8.5 feet.
  • Fly Rods
    • Fly rods are especially useful to catch fly fish. They are thin and allow you to move the rod back and forth.
  • Ice fishing Rod
    • Ice fishing rods are very sturdy since they need to deal with icy water and chunks of ice. The length is between 24 inches to 36 inches.
  • Telescopic Rods
    • Telescopic rods are small rods. They are extendable, which means that they are easy to transport as well. They can easily extend up to 20 feet. The flexible tip allows you to put the bait exactly where you want.

In case you need a new rod, below is the list of the best selling fishing rods on Amazon.

When looking for the best fishing rods, these are the few tips which you should take into account.

Length Of The Fishing Rod

The length of the fishing rod can vary from 4 feet to 14 feet.

If you opt for the bass fishing rod, you can buy one which is between 6 to 8 feet in length. If you want to fish at a close distance, you can go for the shorter fishing rods.

The Material Of The Fishing Rod

The construction material of the fishing rod will decide the durability and the weight of the fishing rod.

If looking for lightweight fishing rods, you can go with graphite rods, but they are not that durable.

On the other hand, when you go for fiberglass rods, they provide you with flexibility and are sturdy as well.

There are fishing rods that combine both these materials to provide you with the perfect angling fishing rod.

Power Of The Fishing Rod

The power of the fishing rod refers to the weight which can bend the fishing rod. If it has heavy-power, it can handle a significant amount of weight without turning a lot.

If you plan on catching something big, high power rods along with a topwater bait, jig baits are the perfect option.

On the other hand, Moderate powered rods along with spinnerbaits, jerk baits are useful to catch fishes residing up to 30 ft to 50 ft deep. Light power rods are good to catch trout, panfish.

Handle Of The Fishing Rod

You have to look at the length of the handle and the material which it uses. It should provide you with an excellent grip and should be comfortable to hold.

After considering these factors, it is easy to choose the right fishing rod from the above few options which we have explained.

It will allow you to gain the upper hand when it comes to fishing.


Fishing Reel

Fishing reels come in different shapes and sizes. You have to consider the various types before making a decision.

We will highlight the other kind of fishing reels which you can find for your fishing expedition. If you want to get into details, our picks for the best baitcasting reels are the bomb!

Spin Cast

The spin cast is a closed-face fishing reel.

The moving parts of the spin cast are on the inner side. It is the easiest to use. You have to press a button to cast it forward.

When you let go of the switch, the casting will stop and the line will remain stationary. It is easy to use but lacks precision.


Baitcasting is the perfect option when you have a heavy-line and heavyweight. It is very accurate.

You need to however go through the learning curve to control it accurately. It is suitable for people who love Angling.


Spinning is the most common, but the most popular type of fishing reel which you can buy. It has an open design.

It is highly accurate and effortless to use. It can hold the line without any problem. It works well with the fishing lines less than 20 lbs.

These are the three types of reels that you should consider for your fishing rod.

If you want to conduct some in-depth research, focusfishing.com has some decent comparisons which go into the detail of the working mechanism of these reels to help you understand more.

When you compare these three-reel options, you can quickly pick the one which is suitable according to your experience and the type of fishing expedition you are planning.


Braided Fishing Lines

The line which you choose is dependent on the type of fish which you want to catch.

The durability of different fishing lines is also different. That is why; you have to look at the strength and the type of fish which you want to catch before making a decision.

Some of the options are:

Each one has its advantages and disadvantages. You should consider these parameters before choosing a fishing line.


Holding Lures And Live Baits

Baits can be natural or artificial depending on the fish which you are trying to catch.

Many anglers like to use natural bait. It can be a worm or a leech, frog and even small fish. Fishes often get attracted due to the aesthetics, odor, and texture of the natural bait.

You need to remember that natural baits having quite a few restrictions due to which, you should go through the rules and regulations before opting for them.

Artificial baits can be lures of many different natural baits. They can be artificial flies.

The baits often have bright colors to attract fish and also have some vibration and movement. The shape is such that it mimics the real bait.

Some of the types of fishing lures are:

  • Spoon lure
  • Surface lures
  • Artificial Flies
  • Dry flies
  • Wet flies
  • Swimbaits
  • Streamer Flies

Without the bait, you cannot attract fish. That is why; it is an essential part of the fishing gear.


Fishing With Fishfinder

Technology can certainly make fishing more comfortable.

One such technological aid which you can use it as the fish finder. It will eliminate hours of trial and error.

You can directly start fishing at the location where fishes are present. When you do so, getting a bigger catch is hassle-free.

Fishfinders are essentially sonar devices. These devices send sonar waves underwater to detect the presence of fish.

You can easily fish in the area where there are maximum fishes available. It will save you a lot of time as well.

A fish finder mounts on a rod. You can insert that rod into the water. You have to point in the direction where you want to detect the fish. It will reflect the output on the smartphone.

Using your phone’s GPS, it will let you know the location where fishes are present.

It means that apart from the rod, you don’t need to carry anything extra along with you. It is compact in design.

The advantage is that you can directly fish in the area where there is a high probability of getting a bigger catch. The learning curve of using fish finders is also minimal.

So, if you do not like the waiting part when it comes to fishing, this fish finder will help you eliminate it.

It will allow you to fish in the area where there are maximum fishes present. One of the best-rated fish finders is listed below.

First Aid Kit

Red First Aid Kit

Fishing trips are a relaxing experience.

However, it is better to be proactive in such matters. Small injuries like brushing your hand against a hook or your hand getting scrapped are common while fishing.

In such situations, having a first aid kit will help you deal with them quickly.

You can carry a basic first-aid kit along with you. It should contain waterproof tapes, bandages, antibacterial ointment. There are ready-made outdoor adventure medical kits available.

You have to choose the Marine variant so that you have the essentials in it. It is purely precautionary rather than a necessity.

It is better to keep a first-aid kit along with you when heading over onto your fishing expedition.

Also, you can check out our guide on how you can build your own first aid kit or you can always buy one on Amazon – here is the link to a marine first aid kit.


Sunglasses On Wooden Table

Along with these types of fishing gear, it is necessary to carry some accessories along with you. It will make the entire fishing experience comfortable.

Some of these accessories include:

These accessories will help you have a comfortable time while fishing.

Fishing Methods

Now that you are aware of the type of fishing gear, which you need to carry let us look at different popular fishing methods.

Some of these fishing methods are old, whereas some others are new and still in use. You have to decide how you want to use it.


Angling Fishing

Angling involves fishing with the rod, line and a hook. It is attached to the hook. Sometimes, even a sinker is used to add some weight.

Fly Fishing

Fly fishing as the name itself suggests, is used to catch flying fish. You need specialized fly rods along with fly lines. Artificial flies are the best lures for this type of fishing.

Bottom Fishing

Bottom fishing is another form of angling.

The only difference is that you add heavyweight to the line so that the bait sinks to the bottom. It is especially useful to catch fishes which live at the bottom of the water body.

Ice Fishing

Ice fishing requires specialized rods since you will be fishing in winter.

You need heavy duty rods which can handle the excessive weight. It involves catching fish through a hole in the ice during the winter months.

Kite Fishing

Man Fishing With Kite

Kite fishing originated on the Asian continent.

It involves attaching the line and bait to the kite and flying it to reach the places which are not easily reachable otherwise.

It allows you to catch fish in remote parts of the water body. It is still not famous globally but is undoubtedly increasing in popularity at a steady pace.


Trapping involves creating an area in which the fish can easily enter but not exit.

Basket traps are quite common and consist of branches as well as other natural flora and fauna.

Similarly, you can use lobster traps which are smaller as compared to the basket traps. They, however, have more compartments and therefore are efficient.

When you want to catch multiple fishes, you can use the Fishing weir. These consist of fences.

If you plan on finding a significant number of fishes in a single go, fishing weir traps are the best bet.


Noodling involves sticking your hand out in the catfish hole to catch the fish using your hand.

Experienced persons can only practice it in the southern United States. It requires extreme precision and prior experience to catch fish with your bare hands.


Man Fishing Underwater

Spearfishing as the name itself suggests; it uses Spears, arrows, slings, harpoons to catch the fish.

It requires fishers being extremely precise in the aim so that they can hit the right fish. However, it is a primitive technique and rarely used these days.


Netting involves the use of fishing nets to catch fish in bulk.

It is often used by commercial fishing trawlers to grab a considerable quantity of fishes in a single go.

The Nets can be of different types and can vary according to the kind of fish which you want to catch.

A cast net can be quickly thrown manually and consist of weight on the edges. It is small and hence; easy to use.

On the other hand, a gillnet places itself vertically in the water and catches fish which are trying to pass through it.

Trawlers often use a large net which is dragged by the ship and traps the fishes.


Group Of People Electrofishing

Electrofishing involves stunning the fish in the water to observe them and then return them to the water in a safe state. Scientists and marine observers practice this type of fishing.

If you want to enjoy the sport of fishing, you can choose between any of these fishing techniques.

These fishing techniques not only vary in the methodology but also in the type and quantity of fish which you want to catch.

Once you zero in on these fishing methods, you can choose your equipment and gear accordingly.

Final Notes

So, if you are new to fishing, rather than getting confused it is wise to go through our guide above.

A detailed guide above will not only help you understand the gear, which you should carry but the type of fishing method which you should use as well.

All in all, it is time to dispel all those myths and enjoy your fishing expedition!

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