Concealed Carry Holster Must Haves

Planning to purchase a concealed carry holster for your pistol?

Well, for that you have to go through some of the crucial facts that help you to make a wise decision and choose the correct one for you.

As there are plenty of options available in the market, so to choose the one that can perfectly meet your requirements and provide you with overall self-defense is a daunting task.

You have to seek a lot of factors before purchasing the concealed carry holster so that you can choose the best option for you.

As the concealed carry holster is the crucial part of the defensive system thus, make sure you are choosing the correct option and make it worth it for you.

Criteria For Choosing The Concealed Carry Holster

There are many types of gun holsters, so here are some of the things you should consider when picking yours.


Concealed Carry Concealment

The very first thing to consider is concealment.

Basically, concealment allows a user to have the element of wonder and usually it happens when someone going to frighten you with force.

Well, this is not the only sole reason to consider concealment, it also helps you greatly in order to avoid any kind of uncomfortable condition you feel.

What kind of uncomfortable condition we are saying; suppose a concealed carry gun accidentally exposed individual who immediately contacts a policeman as he sees a person with a gun.


Another crucial factor to consider is drawing.

It is essential to should be able to draw your handgun without any hassle from your concealed holster.

Here the concerned thing is ‘grip’. So, what you need to do is try to choose a holster that provides you with a great grip.  

For that what you can do; prefer a neat and clean draw stroke and ensure it is a straight line to the target. and line up your sights.

Yes in some cases of holsters when they are carried in the appendix, cross draw, ankle position, or small of the back, it can be varied.

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It Should Be Comfortable

Comfort of a Concealed Carry Holster

Comfort is the top priority when choosing a concealed carry holster. Because wearing a holster you’re most comfortable with is key to a practical CCW.

The best belly band holster is practical and comfortable. Check out our article on the best belly band holsters if you’re interested.

Quality Of The Materials And Workmanship

It’s also critical to check the quality of the holster, primarily the material it’s made from.

There are many manufacturers on the market who claim that they make the best holster, but it’s your responsibility to do proper research and find out who actually offers superior quality holsters.

Proper Fit And Maintain Its Form

Concealed Carry Proper Form

Always remember a good holster is designed for a particular handgun and maintains this feature in the long term. It will have positive effects on retention and access.


When considering the event of an assailant attacking you with deadly force, it is essential to understand most attacks will be up close, swift, or perhaps physical confrontations.

That is why retention must be approached when choosing a holster.

A badly fitting holster will create issues with everyday use as well, which could displace the pistol from the holster.

Make Sure About The Trigger Guard In Holster

Trigger Guard In Holsters

Now come to the important point, whenever you have to buy a holster, it is essential it should contain a trigger guard.


Because it helps you to enhance the security level.

Along with this, another crucial thing to consider is none of the material of the holster points into the trigger guard as it can be decreased the trigger and ultimately you will come with the lowest lessen security level.

Hence, take care of this thing and the trigger material should be rigid enough.

Choose A Well Designed Holster

After all these things, make sure about the design of concealed carry holster.

Always go for the types of gun holsters that are well designed and keep your gun secured.

Choosing a poorly designed holster will result in unwanted outcomes.

Cost Of The Holster

Cost always plays a big role when choosing a concealed carry holster.

But if you’d ask us, never compromise quality by saving a few bucks. And make sure the holster you choose meets your requirements and offers the best defensive features.

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