Our Editorial Guidelines

We understand that readers rightly expect transparency and honesty when it comes to our reporting. So, we thought we’d start with making our process clear. First, we strive to provide honest, high-caliber reviews informed by first-hand experience and years of experience with shooting sports of all types.

Our Process

Our teams of editors and writers work as a group to research, test products, and generate reviews. We rely on a team of reviewers with over 100 years of experience in law enforcement, shooting, and hunting.

When getting a product, we’ll take up to 6 weeks for our standard reviews to really put it through its paces and explore any pros and cons. Some products will show their true colors after a few days, while others require a longer testing period to really understand how it compares to the other options.

Editorial Integrity

Our priority is to deliver truthful reviews to help you find the best products for your situation and uses. A big part of that is never taking compensation for the content on our site or to influence a review. If a product doesn’t work out, we’ll tell you about it. If it’s a rock star, we won’t hold back about that either. We never withhold a review, no matter the relationship with the manufacturer.

And, we never accept money to create promotional content for products. We adhere to FTC guidelines to disclose any relationships and cooperation that may exist to get products in our hands for review.

Although we strive to avoid even the appearance of conflicts of interest, we appreciate that our writers and editors may have personal investments. If they have any investments in a product or a company, we disclose those in the article so the reader understands any positions that may sway our judgement. It’s important that we’re open about any conflicts.

Corrections and Updates

The product landscape inevitably changes year to year. What’s hot one year may be dismissed as a fad in time. So, we devote a significant portion of our time to updated articles and making sure that our data, reflections, and recommendations stay up to date as products are revised, improved, and replaced. That way, our readers can always trust that we’re showing them the very best of their options and discussing and latest versions of a product rather than criticizing some flaw that has been fixed for years.

We hope you found that explanation valuable and would love to hear any feedback you have on how we could improve our service to you, our reader. Thank you for being here. We wouldn’t be doing this without you.

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