Red Dot Sights

The Best Red Dot Sights [Updated 2019]

The Best Red Dot Sights [Updated 2022]

Originally used by the military professionals, the red dot sight has been recently introduced to the civil field, this tactical instrument being used by amateur sports shooters, hunters or simply as a navigational aid. UPDATE: three of the most requested in-depth reviews are finally here: Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 – Check the full review here! Vortex Venom …

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Red Dot vs Holographics

EOTech vs. Aimpoint [2022 Review]

A red dot or a holographic sight? That is the question. Which is better for astigmatism, which is more cost-effective, which is better for long distances, or for nighttime use? In this article, we’ll answer all of those questions and compare every single detail between EOTech vs. Aimpoint. And put an end to the never-ending …

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Reflex Sight Buying Guide

With so many choices, it’s really hard to decide which reflex sight to buy. Looking for a durable optic with quick target acquisition and quality glass out to the edges? Our reflex sight buying guide will make sure you miss the duds and find the best reflex sight. The Housing Structure Reflex sights are basically …

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