Self-defense tactics and gear

Ultimate Guide to Self Defense

So you bought a gun for protection, and you know how to shoot well. But did you know that self-defense takes more than aiming and pulling the trigger? If the offender swiped the gun out of your hands, now what? We’ll get into details on how to defend yourself and more in this Ultimate Guide …

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5 Best Throwing Tomahawks

Best OverallTable of ContentsBest OverallBest on a BudgetBest LightweightFeatures to Consider + How We ChooseBladeHandleOverall Weight and Size5 Best Throwing TomahawksBest Overall: SOG Survival HawkBest on a Budget: NedFoss Throwing TomahawkBest Lightweight: SOG FastHawk Polished TomahawkM48 Tactical TomahawkZenhosit Throwing TomahawkTomahawk Throwing CompetitionsConclusion SOG Survival Hawk This hawk will win you every throwing competition. Best on …

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what is the difference between a stun gun and a taser

What Is the Difference Between a Stun Gun and a Taser

When it comes to personal defense, understanding your equipment is not just essential; it’s a matter of personal safety and empowerment.  Over the years, stun guns and tasers have become popular tools in the self-defense arsenal. They offer protection, yet surprisingly, many individuals remain unclear about their distinct functions, features, and capabilities. By knowing the …

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5 Best Ankle Holsters

Our Top Picks Best Overall Alien Gear ShapeShift Ankle Holster The perfect holster for all gun sizes. Best Leather Beretta Nano Pro Carry Ankle Holster Made of durable and stylish leather. Best Budget ComfortTac Ultimate Ankle Holster Reliable and great for every budget. Best for Revolvers Fobus Concealed Carry Ankle Holster Great for tactical use. …

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Best Self-Defense Blogs

As the world evolves, self-defense training has become a necessity not only for grown-ups but also for kids and young adults. That’s why we put together the best self-defense blogs plus the best martial arts schools for all ages in this article. Best Self-Defense Blogs Cobra Self-Defense Aside from publishing self-defense articles, Cobra Self-Defense also …

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