5 Self-Defense Lessons You Can Learn from John Wick

Who doesn’t love the assassin-turned-devoted-fur-parent – Mr. Wick? Aside from the incredible fight scenes and badass firearms, the movie is known for accurate gun handling and combat. Indeed, there are self-defense lessons you can learn from watching John Wick. You can tell your SO you’re training. 😉

If you’ve already watched the movies but can’t remember, let us refresh your memory..

5 Self-Defense Lessons You Can Learn from John Wick

Having a Safe Place to Shelter Nearby is Critical

Checking into a fancy assassin’s hotel, just like any other day..

Ask any prepper, it’s essential to have a safe haven to seek shelter in case your house burns down or gets run down by criminals. It doesn’t have to be as fancy as The Continental, as long as it’s equipped with all the basic necessities you need to survive for a few days. 

If you’ve yet to pack your bug-out bag so that you have what you need to get there, it includes food, water, a first aid kit, and a weapon to defend yourself, for starters.

It Never Hurts to Have a Few More Guns and Cash Stashed Away Somewhere

Yaaas, bring out the big guns!!

Aside from the safe for your home defense gun, what’s cooler than having a secret storage for your spare firearms, ammo, and cash?

Like in the movie, you can have your stash buried under concrete and access it only for extreme emergencies. Or you can be creative and build your own secret stash and hide it in plain sight.

How to Kick Bad Guys Out of Your House

Go get him stud!

John Wick couldn’t do anything when those entitled punks who don’t know better tried to steal his vintage car and kill his adorable beagle. But when the Russian minions invaded his house the second time, he was geared up. And even if he was outnumbered, he eliminated the bad guys one by one. 

Kick in the crotch then throw – works every time

Here are a few tricks we picked up from Mr. Wick:

  • Have plenty of spare magazines.
  • Turn off the power. You know your house better than anyone so you can navigate through every corner even in the dark.
  • Move as quietly as possible. The element of surprise will work wonders in this situation.
  • You can’t always depend on your gun, so honing your self-defense and close combat skills is a must.
Size doesn’t matter when you have the right weapon.. even an improvised one

How to Clear Your House: Moving In Center Axis Relock

Speaking of close combat skills, one of the best things about John Wick is how he used center axis relock to take down the goons single-handedly.

Yeah you better run boy, ’cause the Boogeyman’s coming..

Center Axis Relock is a gun handling technique where you hold your gun close to your chest in a bladed stance. This allows improved firearm retention when moving in close distances or when in a struggle.

The movie is practically a training film in itself for moving through confined spaces with close quarters combat.

Low blows are fair game in life and death battles

Spending More is Worth it When Your Life’s on the Line

Shooting a common caliber pays off when in enemy territory

“Everything’s got a price.” This line from the first movie may be true but nothing’s more important than your life. So it’s smarter to invest in high-quality gear and equipment than to scrimp on them and lose your life as a result.

And, instead of a truly unique gun for your primary self-defense weapon, consider one that chambers a ubiquitous round like 9mm. That way, you’ll always have access to reloads!


You don’t need to be a top assassin to defend yourself and your loved ones effectively. Just follow our tips above and with proper practice and the right shooting equipment, you’re prepared to take down bad guys John-Wick style.

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