Rifle Scopes

Scope Reticles

Rifle Scope Reticles [Fully Explained]

For many people, especially for less experienced shooters, choosing a rifle scope means checking the magnification power, the lens system and the physical specifications. But an equally important element to consider is the rifle scope reticle. This tactical element is probably the most confusing part of a rifle scope. There are multiple types of reticles …

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Leupold Tactical Scope

Leupold Tactical Scopes Review

Leupold’s history begins in 1907, the company introducing its first rifle scope on the market in 1947, after years of research in the field of optic tactical instruments. The first Leupold tactical scope, the Plainsman, was a true innovation at the time, being the first Americal fog proof scope. Also check out our guide on …

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The Best Hunting Scopes [Updated 2019]

The Best Hunting Scopes [Updated 2019]

The manufacturers of high-quality hunting optics can be counted on the fingers of a hand.  The best hunting scopes have to combine excellent optical performance with a wide field of view and minimum magnification, to allow the use of the instrument with both eyes opened. Furthermore, these instruments must have reliable mechanical systems, a sufficient …

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Best High Powered Scopes

The Best High Power Scope Review

A high power scope is an essential optical instrument for many outdoor activities, including professional tactical activity, hunting or other recreational activities such as playing softball or observing the wildlife. Check out our Top 5 Rifle Scope picks. In fact, many spotting scope models have compact dimensions and accessories that allow users to mount them …

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Vortex Magnifier

Vortex VMX-3T Magnifier Review

click here to buy Vortex Magnifier VMX-3T today! Red dot sight magnifiers are tactical optics developed to increase the range of use of the popular red dot sights.  On the market, there are dozens of models of red dot sight magnifiers and one that stands out is, without a doubt, the Vortex Magnifier VMX-3T. Vortex …

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