101 Uses for Paracord [Infographic]


Imagine a scenario when you need a survival tool, but you aren’t allowed to bring anything that wouldn’t fit in your pocket.

You can’t carry a pocket knife as well because maybe you are in an airport or some other place with strict security. There’s one discreet thing that you can carry in your pocket, or even wrapped around your wrist, that can be your most useful survival tool.

A parachute cord, or a paracord, is a utility cord that can be the most versatile piece of equipment that can fit in your pocket. It’s also very discreet. You can use it as a bracelet or as a watch strap and no one would bat an eye that you are wearing a nylon cord.

But it’s more than just a fashionable piece of accessory. It can be a lifesaver, one that you will be glad that you brought in cases of emergency. It can be used as a fire tinder, a fishing line, a sling or a rappel. It will come in handy when you go outdoors or camp in the wilderness.

A paracord may not be able to maim a wild animal, as well as a knife, would, but it can help you survive in different scenarios.

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