Best Long Range Shooting Blogs

Lots of gun enthusiasts get hooked on long-range shooting nowadays. That’s why plenty of blogs about it get published every day. Doing the research on your own can be overwhelming so we put together the best long range shooting blogs in one place!

Best Long-Range Shooting Blogs

Lots of gun enthusiasts get hooked on long-range shooting nowadays. That’s why plenty of blogs about it get published every day. Doing the research on your own can be overwhelming so we put together the best long-range shooting blogs in one place!

Best Overall Long-Range Shooting Blog: Precision Rifle Blog

Precision Rifle Blog posts anything and everything about long-range and precision shooting. It has articles that review complete rifles, custom builds, rifle accessories, optics, ammo, and even tips about long-range shooting and maintaining a precision rifle.

Runner-up: Kestrel Ballistics

Kestrel Ballistics contains timely blog posts not only about precision shooting but about shooting in general. Some of the posts we like are the “Rookie Experience & Insider Tips” on long-range shooting and the “Training Tool for Better Long Range Shooting.”

Runner-up: Long Range Shooting Tips: Understanding the Rifle, Scope & Skills

Man Shooting With Sniper

This article summarizes what long-range shooting is, what is required of long-range rifles, scopes, and gear, and which basic marksmanship skills you need to acquire to master long-range shooting. 

Runner-up: Long Range Shooting Tips

In this article, the author lists 16 of the most crucial skills needed when making long-range shots. Some of these skills are choosing your weapon and scope, deciding between MOA or Mils, understanding and paying attention to parallax, and more!

Runner-up: Everything You Need to Get Started with Long-Range Shooting

This article talks about how to get started in long-range shooting in general such as choosing the right weapon and which habits a shooter needs to develop.

Runner-up: The Firearm Blog

This blog series contains everything about long-range shooting. It also publishes reviews about the latest tactical guns and gear and articles about improving one’s PRS performance.

Best for Beginners: Hot Brass Blog

This blog series contains posts about shooting basics and tips when joining shooting competitions.

Runner-up: Hitting Targets at Long Range

This article discusses how to hit targets at long ranges from a ballistician’s point of view.

Runner-up: How to Buy Your First Rifle – Long-Range Capable

This article talks about the step-by-step process and helpful reminders when purchasing a long-range rifle for the first time.

Runner-up: Long Range Shooting – What’s Your Intent?

This blog talks about the importance of one’s intent when shooting at long ranges. 

Runner-up: How to Get Started in Precision Shooting

This article talks about the things you need to focus on when getting started in precision shooting. The author also recommended his first precision gun choice.

Runner-up: What is Long-Range Rifle Shooting?

This blog explains what long-range shooting is. It also discussed other long-range shooting categories such as the Palma, match rifle, and service rifle shooting.

Runner-up: Why Long Range Shooting is a Good Thing

In this article, the writer talks about the advantages and practical applications of long-range shooting.

Best with Product Reviews: T-Eagle

T-Eagle writes informative buying guides and reviews the best rifles and accessories for long-range shooting. It also has posts about gun and optics maintenance as well as hunting experiences.

Best for Serious Shooters: Ballistic App

This blog series discusses everything technical about long-range shooting, including long-range fundamentals, ballistics, as well as finding the right ammo and the best long-range gadgets. 

Runner-up: 10 Things to Know About Long-Range Shootings

In this article, the American Gun Association lists 10 long-range shooting tips that help increase your success rate in the range. It talks about shooting fundamentals such as sharpening one’s wind-reading skills, collecting rifle data, proper posture, and more.

Runner-up: Improve Your Long-Range Shooting Skills, Accuracy

In this article, veteran shooter Wayne Van Swoll gives advice and tips about choosing the right scope and maximizing effort to improve long-range shooting accuracy.

Runner-up: 4 Long-Range Shooting Tips To Improve Accuracy

This article discusses four useful tips to help you master long-range shooting. These tips talk about proper positioning, setting the elevation, lining up the circles, and pulling the trigger straight back. Read the full article for more elaboration.

Runner-up: Shoot for the Moon: Tips for Long-Range Shooting

This blog listed 6 pointers that will help hone your long-range shooting skills. These tips include choosing the right optic, zeroing your rifle, and more.

Best for Extreme Long-Range Shooters: Getting Started in 22 Long Rifle ELR

This blog discusses how you can get started in 22 Long Rifle Extreme Long Range shooting. The author also talks about his recommended equipment and which setup works most efficiently.

Runner-up: APO’s New Riflecraft Experience: Extreme Long Range Shooting & Teamwork Success

In this article, the author talks about his personal experience while training for extreme long-range shooting and how he and his teammates achieved the goals during the training course.

Best Long-Range Shooting Gear Blog: 6 Pieces of Gear You Need for Long-Range Shooting

This article lists the six most important items a long-range shooter should have. The writer also gave recommendations on which gear you can scrimp on and which gear you need to splurge on.

Runner-up: Long Range Shooting Setup | Getting the Right Gun & Gear

This article educates the readers on how to set up a sniper rifle properly and how to get the right one, as well as the optics and gear that would work perfectly with it.

Best Shooting School Blog: Barbour Creek

Barbour Creek is a prestigious hunting and shooting school located in Alabama. They provide long-range hunting courses for different skill sets. They also provide lodging and full-course meals for their students.

Runner-up: Thompson Long Range

Thompson Long Range shooting school has been around for more than 20 years. It provides classes for all types of shooters, from beginners to skilled ones. Thompson also patented custom-made twist-match bullets to help improve their students’ accuracy.

Runner-up: Nomad Rifle Man

Nomad Rifleman provides a private shooting experience whether you’re a serious shooter who wants to hone your skills, or if you just want to bond with your family. Their blog consists of available ELR shooting offers and stories from their clients’ shooting experiences. The blog also publishes product reviews and recommendations on long-range shooting gear and accessories.

Best for Long-Range Rifle Blog: Long-Range Shooting with the AR-15

Cheaper Than Dirt talks about the advantages of using AR-15 in long-range shooting. The article also tackled selecting the right long-range rifle.

Runner-up: Best Long Range Rifle Reviews of 2024

The article reviews the best long-range rifles of 2024, focusing on specific categories like hunting, competition, and value. John B. Snow, the author, evaluates each rifle based on accuracy, ergonomics, and reliability, providing top picks for various shooting needs, including lightweight options for hunters and models suited for extreme distances.

Runner-up: Long-Range Precision Shooting Rifles

Savage Arms features 12 of its best long-range rifles that will help you extend your maximum effective range.

Best for Reloaders: Box to Bench Precision

This blog publishes articles that provide the most time-saving, economical, and long-range-effective options for load developers and new shooters. 

Most Informative Long-Range Blog: Precision Rifle Blog

The Precision Rifle Blog not only writes tips and how-tos about guns, gear, and ammo. It also conducts tests and studies to inform its readers in the most practical way.

Best for Podcast Enthusiasts: Gunwerks

Gunwerks posts new podcast episodes weekly. They invite guests who give tips related to long-range shooting. This website also publishes articles about precision shooting, hunting, and competitive shooting including first-hand experiences from the writers.

Best Long-Range Riflescope Blog: 9 Best Long Range Rifle Scopes [Hands On+Video]

In this article, PewPewTactical gives a hands-on review of 9 of the best long-range riflescopes. The writer also wrote a section about basic scope terms and gave tips on how much should one spend on a riflescope.

Runner-up: An Essential Guide to Choosing a Riflescope

This article talks about every feature you need to consider when choosing a long-range riflescope. It also briefly discusses what red dot sights are and how to choose the right one.

Runner-up: The Best Long-Range Scopes to Nail Your Target

Aside from reviewing the best long-range riflescopes, this blog also briefly discussed the types of scopes such as extreme, variable, and fixed long-range scopes.

Runner-up: Choosing a Long Range Rifle

This article discusses the process of picking a long-range riflescope in general. Unlike the Bushnell article, it didn’t explain each must-have feature in detail.

Runner-up: Swarovski Launches X5 Long-Range Riflescope – Blog

This blog gives the readers a first look at the Swarovski X5 long-range riflescope. It also gave a detailed review of the scope and its best features.

Runner-up: Best Scope for Long-Range Precision Rifle 2019

In this article, the writer highlights that it’s important to choose a scope based on purpose. The writer pointed out that you can get a decent long-range scope without spending a lot and also picked a scope brand for every kind of budget.

Best Long-Range Cartridge Blog: Top Five Cartridges For Long Range Shooting

commie cartridge comparison, 5.45x39mm vs 7.62x39mm

In this blog post, the author talks about his five preferred cartridges for long-range shooting and justifies how he picked every single one of them. This article is a good reference for those who have no idea where to begin.

Runner-up: 7 Best Long-Range Cartridges of All Time

This article reviews seven of the most efficient long-range cartridges for all types of shooting applications, whether it’s for competitive shooting or for hunting all sizes of game.

Runner-up: 7 Best New Cartridges for Long-Range Precision

This article lists seven of the latest cartridges for long-range shooting. The writer also provided the muzzle velocity, drop at 1,000 yards, and 1,000-yard flight time for each cartridge to compare them better. 

Runner-up: 300 PRC: Read This Before You Buy One

In this article, the writer gives a “no holds barred” review of the 300 Precision Rifle Cartridge (300 PRC). The writer started with the 300 PRC’s history and ballistics, compared the 300 PRC with the 300 Win Mag, and also talked briefly about 300 PRC rifles.

Best for Rimfire Users: Top 6 Long-Range Precision Rimfire Round-Up

In this article, the author reviews six of the latest long-range precision rimfire rifles for hunting. The list includes the Bergara B14R carbon rifle, the Blaser R8 Ultimate .22 Rimfire, the Anschutz 1761 Rifle, the Ruger American Rimfire Long Range Target, and the Savage B22 Precision rifle, and the CZ 457 Long Range Precision rifle.

Best 22LR Rimfire Ammo Blog: The Best .22LR Rimfire Ammunition for Long-Range Shooting

This article briefly discusses what long-range shooting is and how its definition changes when using .22 Long Rifle. It explained which kind of ammo (long-range specific or match ammo) is needed to bring out the .22 LR’s optimum performance.

Runner-up: The Best .22LR Rimfire Ammunition for Long-Range Shooting

This blog isn’t as detailed as our best blog 22LR rimfire ammo blog pick, but it pointed out critical factors on how to reach the 300-yard mark. Aside from choosing high-quality ammo, the author mentioned that a reliable optic also plays an important role in long-range shooting. 

Best Hunting Scope Blog: How to Choose a Hunting Scope

In this blog, Leupold promotes some of its best hunting scopes. The article explained how crucial it is to understand magnification and zoom ranges. It also discussed how to choose from Leupold’s variety of hunting reticles.

Best Forum on Long-Range Shooting: Long Range Only

This forum contains topics and discussions on everything about long-range shooting. Some discussion rooms are about custom long-range actions, long-range gunsmithing, getting started in long-range, and more! This website is perfect for those looking for suggestions and recommendations based on other shooters’ first-hand experiences.

Runner-up: Best Caliber to Learn Long Range Shooting

This specific forum discusses the best caliber to learn long-range shooting. You can get helpful inputs and recommendations from long-range enthusiasts everywhere.

Best for Long-Range Shooters in Arizona: Arizona Long Range Precision Rifle Shooters

This website contains information on upcoming long-range matches, including dates, locations, and required gear. You can also register for matches on their website.

Runner-up: Best of the West Long Range Shooting Class – Check It Out

This article talks about the writer’s experience during the Best of the West long-range shooting course in Arizona. The writer also provided details on the day’s timeline.

Best Precision Rifle Shooting Blog: Precision Rifle Series

This is the official website of the Precision Rifle Series. It has information on every division including standings from the most recent matches.

Runner-up: Here’s What It’s Like Competing in One of the Toughest Long-Range Rifle Matches in the Country

This article is about the writer’s experience during a PRS finale last February 2021. The writer also talked about his preparation before the competition and how he overcame the hurdles that he encountered while practicing.

Best Precision Rifle Shooting Riflescope Blog: Top 5 Precision Rifle Series Long-Range Scopes

This blog reviews the five favorite PRS riflescopes by most PRS enthusiasts.

Best Video Blog: Long Range Shooting Tips: Scope Tracking Drill with Ryan Cleckner

This blog features videos of former ranger sniper Ryan Cleckner demonstrating a drill new shooters can use when picking a riflescope. The author emphasized how scopes don’t track the same and gave other shooting tips and instructions.

Best Long-Range Shots Blog: Top Long-Range Rifle and Pistol Shots

This article contains videos about the best long-range rifle and pistol shots ever made during the time it was written. It includes a video of the new world record for the longest shot ever made last 2015.

Best Personal Blog: Long-Range Shooting, Part II

In this article, the author talks about her personal experience while taking a long-range shooting course.

Runner-up: Ultimate Reloader

In this blog series, the author posts hands-on reviews on different long-range products. He also publishes videos about his visit to sports facilities and machine factories.

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