27 Best Subreddits for Gun Lovers (Complete List)

Best subreddits for gun lovers
Enthusiasts gather at the National Rifle Association (NRA) annual convention in Houston, Texas, U.S. May 28, 2022. (Photo by: REUTERS/Callaghan O’Hare)

Gone were the days when you can only meet fellow firearm enthusiasts at gun conventions.

Today, we’re diving into the virtual world of Reddit, a place where communities gather to share everything from cat videos to, you guessed it, guns and shooting! If you’re on the hunt for the best subreddits for gun lovers where you can chat about firearms, share tips, and connect with fellow gun aficionados, you’re in for a treat. 

This article is all about guiding you to the best subreddits where you can geek out over firearms, learn a thing or two, and maybe even show off your gun collection. So, let’s lock and load and dive into the digital armory of Reddit!

What is a Subreddit?

For the uninitiated, Reddit is like a giant tree with countless branches called ‘subreddits.’ Each subreddit is a community focused on a particular topic, and believe me, there’s a subreddit for just about everything under the sun. Think of them as specialized clubs where you can meet like-minded people. You can join these communities, post content, comment, and engage in discussions. 

Best Subreddits for Gun Lovers: General


From posts of one’s latest gun purchase to rare antique firearms to the coolest shooting gear, this subreddit has it all. However, since it’s a pretty huge community, we can’t help but notice inappropriate comments from some members. The good thing about it is the moderators are always alert in removing off-topic posts and comments.

Here are some of the top posts in this subreddit:


This subreddit consists mostly of photos of aesthetically pleasing firearms. It’s like the Instagram of gun subreddits. If you’re into furnishing your gun, you can find your people right here. 

They’re very strict in including the gun’s make and model in every post, though (which we think is a good thing). So keep that in mind when posting.

Here are some of the top posts in this subreddit:


This subreddit has one of the most active members among our list. It’s full of helpful firearm-related resources. Aside from guns, the most popular topics include 2nd Amendment news and politics.

No to racism in gun culture:

Biden’s talk about prohibiting semi-automatic weapons fueled a lot of discussions:


If you’re looking for the latest deals on firearms, accessories, and ammo, this subreddit is the place to be! Moderators encourage members to post only rare (and legal) deals or those with huge discounts. Links must also lead to authorized retailer websites or those with FFL.


If you’re looking for an online hangout for reloading junkies like yourself, this subreddit won’t disappoint. The mods limit topics to metallic and shotshell reloading. Also, only civilized posts and discussions are allowed so that’s a plus.


Want contents solely dedicated to concealed carry? This subreddit is our favorite! You can find videos, articles, and tips related to CCW.

We personally love these posts:


“It’s not that I’m paranoid, I just want to keep my family safe and sleep soundly at night.” If this is your mantra, you’ll feel at home in this subreddit.

Tips for a good home defense:

The importance of a proper surveillance system:


Hunting enthusiasts gather in this subreddit to share personal stories, tips, and news about the latest and the best hunting gear.

Massive bear kill:

A rare white turkey harvest:


This subreddit not only has gun cleaning-related posts but also discussions about firearm modification. Some members seek advice on how to break down their guns safely. Others ask about reliable cleaning accessories brands.

Mass cleaning guns:

Cleaning a Winchester 1894:


This subreddit is pretty huge. It has almost 26k members. Members share videos and photos of them during competitions.

Intense steel match:

Clearing a malfunction

Best Subreddits for Gun Lovers: Firearm-Specific


If you’re a shotgun guy (or gal), this subreddit for gun lovers is dedicated to anything and everything shotgun. From those who use shotguns for home defense to those who hunt clay pigeons.

Throwback photo of a woman shooting a shotgun in the 80’s:

Which will you choose for defense?


If you’d ask us, this is one of the most civilized gun-related subs in Reddit. That’s despite having 297k members (which they call ‘basement operators’). Here, members share their custom builds and show off how cool and reliable they are.

Build with BCM upper and Aero lower:


In this sub, you can interact with your fellow airgun aficionados and exchange experiences and collections. However, the moderators aren’t that strict so expect some unruly comments and posts.

Home office reimagined:

A 40-year old .177 Theoben Sirocco:


We didn’t forget you AR10 lovers! In this subreddit, you can find tons of discussions and updates on your favorite gun and other .308 AR platform firearms.

Two does shot 20 yards apart:

Night hog hunt:


This sub is a well-moderated one. Posting memes and buying/selling stuff are prohibited. Here you can find informative buyer guides, tips, and content related to AK47.

Badass grandma with an AK:

Iraqi gunsmith:


The revolver gang is extremely active in this sub. We couldn’t stop scrolling because most of the posts are enjoyable and informative.

A 2020 Python with cool new grips:

Spin and shoot:


Wanna know if there’s someone else interested in retro ARs? The 21k members of this subreddit will show you! We particularly loved the “What is and is not ‘retro’?”

Best Subreddits for Gun Lovers: Manufacturers


Any Ruger-related questions, discussions, and photos, you can find them all in this sub. Here, members share their experiences with their Rugers, whether they use it for hunting or CCW.

First deer:

Newly-restored M77:


If you own a Sig or want to buy one, you can get answers right here. This sub is strictly no business and no threatening violence allowed. (Thank you, Mods).

‘Cause who doesn’t love a free sticker?

Sig Spear


Yup, the Glock boys are also in Reddit. And if you are one, too, you will love this sub. Moderators allow memes to be posted but only after getting reviewed by them.

Gun IQ



This sub has a smaller number of followers compared to the other gun manufacturer subreddits. The posts are moderated strictly as the rules allow hardware only posts (and of, course, buying/selling is prohibited).

The new M&P 5.7 (*whistles)

Cool M&P setup


You know it, if you love Springfield Armory firearms, you can find your folks here. However, we noticed that the members in this sub aren’t as active as the other ones in our list 

Ported, Cerakoted Echelon

Bye bye Hellcat, hello Hellcow?

Best Subreddits for Gun Lovers: Caliber-Specific


Got no one around to show off your 300 BLK build to? That will be appreciated in this sub! We find these builds sick AF! 

Noveske 7.94



If you shoot this popular cartridge, whether for your rifle, revolver, or pistol, you can definitely relate to the posts in this subreddit. Here are some of our picks from their top posts. We found it difficult to pick just two, but here you go:

Happy 10/22:

CZ 457 Pro Varmint:


Looking to post 1911-related content? This sub will welcome you with open arms! Just make sure to abide by their rules and read them first before posting. Troll posts, elitism, and humblebragging are not allowed!

OG 1911 from in-law:

1911 birthday gift:


What we like about this sub is, in the description box, they have a list of useful resources on 10mm basics. This reduces the number of posts asking questions and makes way for informative ones.

Bulk 10mm:

Funny caliber meme:


Lastly, the crowd-favorite, Ruger 10/22, also has its own Reddit community. Mods are not too strict about rules so you can post whatever you like (as long as it’s 10/22-related).

Mags all loaded for range day:

6″ barrel build:

Final Thoughts: Best Subreddits for Gun Lovers

There you have it! A guided tour through the best subreddits for gun lovers and enthusiasts. We hope you enjoyed reading it as much as we had a blast writing it!

Whether you’re in it for the knowledge, the community, or just to gawk at some beautiful pieces of machinery, these subreddits have got you covered. Remember, always engage responsibly and respect each community’s rules. Now go forth, explore, and may your barrels always be clean and your aim true!

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