Best Subreddits for Preppers and Survivalists in 2024

Best subreddit for preppers
Paris Survival Expo 2018. (Photo by Olivier Donnars/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Welcome to the ultimate guide for all you preppers out there seeking a community that shares your enthusiasm for preparedness! Whether you’re a seasoned survivalist or just starting to dip your toes into the world of prepping, Reddit is a treasure trove of resources, tips, and like-minded individuals. In this article, we’ll dive into the best subreddits for preppers. 

From practical advice on stockpiling essentials to advanced survival techniques, these subs are gold mines of information, tips, and community support. So grab your notepad, and let’s explore the world of prepping on Reddit.

Best Subreddits for Preppers: Beginner Level


Among the numerous subreddits for preppers, we find this sub the most informative. It has a section dedicated to an extensive list of relevant resources for beginners and seasoned members alike. Some of our favorite topics are “How to become prepared” and “Why be a prepper?” 

When it comes to the threads and discussions, they mostly consist of first-hand experiences. We found these ones most helpful:

$50 goes a long way:

A couple months ago, I convinced a friend to do some super basic prepping with $50, and this morning I guess it paid off.
byu/fluteofski- inpreppers

How to survive the recession:

The recession is here. Now is the time to finish getting your ducks in a row.
byu/HeathenBliss inpreppers


This subreddit focuses on topics related to survival strategies, food and water (disinfecting, storage, growing, harvesting, hunting), and SHTF gear. They also have discussions about types of off-grid energy (solar, hydro, wind).

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Stockpiling guns vs food:

From a local FB group, I really hope this isn’t how the general population sees prepping
byu/Rickyg559 inprepping

Stockpiling essentials:

How am I doing for an 18 year old living in a studio apartment?
byu/history_lover_5 inprepping


This subreddit encourages its members to focus posts on how to build and maintain cabins that utilize green technology while prioritizing efficiency and size. Here are some of the posts that caught our eye:

Off-grid cabin in the mountains:

My father in law’s Off grid cabin in the Eastern Townships on 114 acres of land.
byu/AheadDevsolution inOffGridCabins

A cozy cabin in Arizona:

Finally complete!!!
byu/Jakenride inOffGridCabins


You know it. This sub is all about bugging out – from bug-out vehicles to bags to weapons. Members also share their emergency preparedness plans and what’s inside their BOBs.

List of bug-out bag essentials:

Went to a museum with a survival exhibit today, this was posted near the end
byu/Why_So_Serious1999 inbugout

72-hour bug-out supplies:

byu/DeltaSandwich inbugout


If you want to know the latest updates about current events worldwide, you’ve found your hangout sub. Preppers across the planet share experiences and provide intelligence reports on relevant topics such as war, natural calamities, and health-related outbreaks.

Volcanic eruption in Iceland:

Iceland declares state of emergency over volcanic eruption threat
byu/improbablydrunknlw inPrepperIntel

Measles outbreak and vaccines:

Measles outbreak expected, or, why you don’t want your kids in Idaho
byu/OnTheEdgeOfFreedom inPrepperIntel


This sub primarily focuses on wilderness survival. Despite numerous informative discussions and posts, moderators advise members to undergo proper wilderness and preparedness training; and to not rely solely on what they read.

DIY survival kit:

My personal survival/E&E kit.
byu/just_sun_guy inSurvival

Collecting water from a Birch tree:

Birch tree water
byu/bananapeel inSurvival


This subreddit was originally created for sharing tips and know-hows for when SHTF. However, we noticed that there are fewer active members compared with other subs. We liked the funny prepper-related memes, though.

No-track boots:

These are pretty good boots
byu/Defiel1 inPreppertips

Carbon monoxide alarms:

Carbon Monoxide Alarms
byu/Quiet-Confidence6886 inPreppertips

Best Subreddits for Preppers: Hardcore Survivalists


This sub aims to gather relevant information from individuals all over the world. The mods hope to put together all the info so that we can use it as a wiki in case the collapse happens. 

SHTF Boot camp:

[PDF] SHTF Survival Boot Camp
byu/pitronix inPostCollapse

Prepping basics:

Basic Survival Prepping
byu/Magus-72 inPostCollapse


This sub is dedicated to educating people about the potential collapse of civilization. Aside from sharing collapse-related news and information, the moderators ask the community to share signs of collapse in their area and encourage them to provide mutual support to other members. 

Decline in insect population:

Germany: Insect Populations have Declined by More than 75% Since 1996
byu/Last_Salad_5080 incollapse

Climate change worsens:

Peru lost more than half of its glacier surface in just over half a century | “The factor that causes the greatest impact is the increase in the average global temperature”
byu/Ed-Saltus incollapse


This subreddit contains artistic drawings, photos, and paintings related to the apocalypse. The moderators require members to include the context about their posts, as well as the artist’s real name and the art piece’s title.

We personally loved these entries:

Ecological disaster by artist Xenia Malikova
byu/Anon_Ymou5 inApocalypsePorn
Moonboy Chronicles – “What” by artist Dariusz Kieliszek
byu/Anon_Ymou5 inApocalypsePorn


This Reddit community consists mostly of discussions and how-to questions should the apocalypse take place. Most popular topics include conspiracy theories and survival weapons.

We find these threads helpful:

What mode of transport would be more reliable in an apocalypse scenario?
byu/Virgin-Curer inApocalypse
‘Nuclear apocalypse’ more likely if West continues to supply Ukraine, Putin crony warns
byu/Yorkshire80 inApocalypse


This sub is filled with ideas, news, and articles related to preparedness, SHTF, and survival. We like how the posts on this sub are focused more on know-hows and lists that can be very useful; unlike other survival subreddits that have a lot of irrelevant content. 

One year food supply:

Complete Food Storage List for 1 Year
byu/ReadyLifestyle inSHTFPreppingSurvival

Hand Crank flashlights:

Pros and Cons of Hand Crank Flashlights Explained
byu/ReadyLifestyle inSHTFPreppingSurvival


We didn’t forget you DIY prepper dudes! In this sub, you will find discussions on creating DIY bandages to buildinh a non-electric water pump. We added the links below:

DIY Water Pump That Uses No Electricity -Ram Pump-
byu/Start_button inSHTFDIY
DIY Bandages
byu/nestlefuno123 inSHTFDIY

Final Thoughts: Best Subreddits for Preppers

And there you have it, folks! Our journey through the best subreddits for preppers has come to an end, but your adventure is just beginning. Each subreddit we’ve explored offers a unique blend of wisdom, resources, and a sense of community that’s as strong as the sturdiest bunker. Whether you’re prepping for a zombie apocalypse or just the next big storm, these communities are your go-to survival buddies.

Remember, being prepared is more than just stocking up on supplies; it’s about building knowledge, sharing experiences, and sometimes, having a good laugh over the quirkiest survival hacks. So, keep prepping, keep learning, and most importantly, have fun while you’re at it!

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