Can Night Vision See Infrared?

Night vision allows you to see in the dark. It does this by amplifying any light that reaches your eyes so they can process it and turn it into an image. This technology has existed since World War 2, but what most people don’t know is that night vision cannot see infrared (IR) light! Infrared light has longer wavelengths than visible light, which means that night vision devices are not able to detect this type of electromagnetic radiation. Night vision goggles will pick up everything else though; for example, if there’s a fire nearby or headlights on the road at night, you’ll be able to see them using your goggles!

How night vision works?

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Night vision technology works by using a photocathode to absorb photons and turn them into electrons. The electrons are then accelerated through an electric field and strike the microchannel plate which turns them back into visible light, or in our case, images!

What can see infrared light?

While night vision cannot see infrared light, there are other devices that can! Devices such as security cameras and thermal imaging scopes work on completely different principles to detect the electromagnetic radiation.

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