Holster Roundup: the Back Pocket Holsters

wallet holster line art photoIn recent years, the popularity of pocketguns has exploded. According to my last count, 22 companies are producing 50 different pocketgun models (click here to see them all in a spreadsheet).
If you own a pocketgun, you need a pocket holster, and that market has also exploded. A huge variety of pocket holsters currently exists, accomodating a wide range of pocketguns, pocket sizes and carry methods.
In this holster roundup, I’ve pulled together information on the 37 pants back pocket holsters I’m currently aware of. Most of these holsters are wallet-style holsters; that is, when carried in your back pocket, it looks to onlookers as if you have just a wallet in your pocket. And due to the somewhat similar size of all back pockets, most of the below back pocket holsters are designed for semiauto-type pocketguns:

WatchVictorinox AirBoss 241507 Automatic WatchLuminox 3051 EVO Navy SEAL Colormark WatchMARATHON WW194006 GSARTraser Swiss Type 3 Tactical WatchVictorinox 241493 "Chrono Classic" Watch
Weight (Ounces)15.8412.80--15.84
Display TypeAnalogAnalogAnalogMineral CrystalAnalog
Case materialStainless steelPolyurethaneStainless steelPlasticStainless steel
Case diameter42 millimeters44 millimeters41 millimeters37 millimeters41 millimeters
Case Thickness11 millimeters13 millimeters14 millimeters10 millimeters12 millimeters
Band width20 millimeters23 millimeters20 millimeters-21 millimeters
MovementSwiss automaticSwiss quartzSwiss automaticSwiss quartzSwiss quartz
Water Resistant (feet)330660100099330
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If I’ve failed to include a model, please let me know via the Contact form or via the Comment form at the bottom of this article.
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1 thought on “Holster Roundup: the Back Pocket Holsters”

  1. Great holster for the money. Highly recommended. It is a perfect fit for my LCR .38spcl +P. Not too loose, not too tight. The holster remains open after you draw for easy re-holstering of the firearm. I really like how the clip is behind the cylinder. The makes for a narrower and more comfortable package overall. I have never found IWB carry very comfortable but, because of the concelment advantage, it is often the best choice for me. I literally have forgotten I was wearing this and have fallen asleep with it on while at home. I like the fact that it is tuckable. I never thought I would be tucking my shirt in with IWB carry but it helps concealment and eleminates your shirt coming up over your gun and then not coming down back over it when reaching for things up high or bending over at a store etc. I think most “non-gun” types would never notice or pay attention to one black clip on a black belt. I ordered the brown, but changed my mind and they were able to switch it out at the last minute right before it shipped. The black looks great. I found no flaws or errors in craftsmanship. The clip is very secure and it is pretty easy to get on and off. If you are considering it, go for it. Considering their return policy you really have nothing to lose.

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