How to Buy Guns Online

You can buy firearms online (see the clickable ads for our preferred online gun stores below), but due to federal regulations, online gun stores will not ship firearms directly to you or non-FFL holders. They can ship them to your local Federal Firearms License (FFL) gun dealer, who will then perform any background checks and paperwork required in your state/locality.
Nearly all dealers will accept a transfer for you. They will perform all the required background checks and paperwork for your area, and charge a transfer fee (typically $25–$50). It’s your responsibility to contact your FFL dealer to learn their policies, procedures and any applicable fees they might charge.
Note: Online gun stores can accept a faxed or scanned e-mail copy of your dealer’s signed FFL license. Make sure your name or order number is with the dealer’s license so that the store knows to apply it to your order.

Shipping Guns to California

In order to ship firearms to California, online stores  need a valid FFL number and a valid five-digit California Firearms Licensee Check (CFLC) number.

Our Preferred Online Gun Stores

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(Disclosure: We have affiliate relationships with these stores, which means they might pay us commission dollars if you click-through to them and make a purchase.)

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  1. hello, where i can buy a magazine for P380 GRAND POWER PISTOL?? THANKS, CAROL

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