Aimpoint Comp M4 vs Pro – The Ultimate Optics Battle

Aimpoint Comp M4 vs PRO
Aimpoint Comp M4 mounted on an AR15

Aimpoint is a giant in the shooting optics industry; and two of its most popular models are the Comp M4 and the Patrol Rifle Optic (PRO). Get ready for an exciting comparison as we break down each model’s key feature for you. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or a newbie curious about upgrading your gear, this review is packed with unbiased insights. We’ll explore each model – from their rugged build to their pinpoint accuracy – and see which is better. So, grab your favorite snack, settle in, and let’s get ready to rumble in the battle between Aimpoint Comp M4 vs PRO.

Aimpoint Comp M4

Aimpoint CompM4 Red Dot Reflex Sight with Mount and Spacer - 2 MOA -...
  • Features advanced lens system for better light transmission and unmatched optical clarity
  • Professional quality components
  • Includes anti-reflective device
FactorAimpoint Comp M4Category Average
Build Quality44
Battery 54.75

The Aimpoint Comp M4 impresses as a top-tier red dot sight. Its rugged aluminum build ensures outstanding durability, making it a trusty companion for any challenging situation. What really sets it apart is the phenomenal battery life, lasting over 80,000 hours on a single AA battery, a feature we personally find incredibly convenient. 

No more wondering when you last switched batteries!

The optical performance doesn’t disappoint either, with a crisp 2 MOA dot that aids in swift and accurate target acquisition. Although it’s a bit on the expensive side, for us, the Comp M4 is worth every penny for its unmatched performance and reliability. It’s an investment we’d recommend for any serious shooter looking for a long-lasting, high-quality optic.


  • 2 MOA dot size
  • 80,000 hours (over 3 years) of constant operation
  • Brightness settings: 7 night vision, 9 daylight 
  • Weight (sight only): 268 g (9.4 oz) 
  • Submersible to 45 meters (150 feet)
  • Power source: AA battery


  • Long battery life
  • Plenty of brightness settings
  • Easily available battery


  • Heavy

What Customers Say

I’ve been using these for years and it provides a simple sight picture that isn’t cluttered at all. Red dot on target and done. Tony Montz

Aimpoint (Patrol Rifle Optic)

FactorAimpoint PROCategory Average
Build Quality44
Battery 4.54.75

The Aimpoint PRO features a hard-anodized 30mm tube offering optimal light transmission, a 2 MOA red dot for precise targeting, and a front lens with a unique coating reflecting the dot’s frequency. The sight is night vision compatible (4 settings), ensuring versatility in different lighting conditions. It boasts a battery life of up to 30,000 hours on a single battery and is highly reliable. Additionally, the Aimpoint PRO is waterproof up to 150 feet and operates effectively in extreme temperatures, ensuring durability and resilience in harsh environments.

The best thing about the Aimpoint PRO is that the bundled mount is a quick twist to install or remove with no tools. That means it’s easier to mount and dismount than traditional QD mounts.


  • 2 MOA dot size
  • 30,000 hours (over 3 years) of constant operation
  • Brightness settings: 4 night vision, 6 daylight 
  • Weight (sight only): 193 g (6.8 oz) 
  • Submersible to 45 meters (150 feet)
  • Optical axis height: 39 mm (1.5 in) measured from top surface of mechanical interface
  • Power source: 1/3N, 3V, Lithium


  • Knobbed, toolless adjustments
  • User-friendly interface
  • Waterproof and fogproof
  • Efficient light transmission
  • Rugged design
  • Lightweight


  • Shorter battery life
  • Battery type (DL1/3N) is less common than AA or AAA

What Customers Say

After reviewing a lot of other red dots, scopes, and various optics the Aimpoints are still an unbelievably reliable and proven optic. I had mine on for years and the battery never went out. At 100 yards I was able to shoot 2-inch groups with slow fire. I’m considering a couple other optics solutions currently as I shop for my new AR, but for the price and track record, I think the PRO is a solid choice. Bill B.

Aimpoint Comp M4 vs PRO

Durability and build quality

Winner: Tie. Since they are both manufactured by Aimpoint, both models offer a durable design, resistant to extreme weather and rough handling.

Optical performance and clarity

Aimpoint PRO lens
Photo source: Mr. Guns n’ Gear

Winner: Tie. Both offer excellent optical clarity with a 2 MOA red dot, ensuring precision and fast target acquisition.

Battery life and power source

Winner: Comp M4. Its longer battery life and common AA battery usage offer more convenience.

Ease of use and adjustments

Winner: Tie. Both are designed for ease of use, although the Comp M4 offers more settings.

Compatibility with different firearms

The Comp M4 is compatible with Picatinny rail systems, while the Aimpoint PRO comes with a QRP2 mount, easily attachable and detachable on MIL-STD-1913 Rail Systems.

Winner: Tie. Both offer good compatibility with various firearms.

Price and value for money

Aimpoint PRO
Photo source: Mr. Guns n’ Gear

The Comp M4 is higher priced but offers advanced features and exceptional durability. On the other hand, the PRO is more budget-friendly and offers great quality and features for its price.

Winner: PRO. Provides a better balance of quality and cost.

FAQs: Aimpoint Comp M4 vs PRO

Is the Comp M4 good?

Aimpoint Comp M4 vs PRO
Photo source: Aimpoint

Yes, the Aimpoint Comp M4 is an excellent optic. It’s known for its exceptional durability, long battery life, and high-quality optical performance.

Does the US Military use the Aimpoint PRO? 

The US Military primarily uses the Aimpoint Comp M4, not the Aimpoint PRO. The Comp M4 has been selected for its ruggedness and reliability, meeting the demanding requirements of military use. The Aimpoint PRo, while also of high quality, is more commonly found in law enforcement and civilian use.

What is Aimpoint PRO?

The Aimpoint PRO (Patrol Rifle Optic) is a high-quality red dot sight designed for rapid target acquisition and accuracy. It features a 2 MOA red dot, night vision compatibility, and a durable construction. The PRO is designed to be always ready and operational, with a 3-year constant-on battery life. It’s a popular choice among law enforcement officers and civilian shooters for its reliability and cost-efficiency.

Is the Aimpoint PRO durable?

Yes, the Aimpoint Pro is very durable. It’s constructed to withstand harsh environments and rough handling. With features like water resistance up to 150 feet and an operating temperature range from -49°F to +160°F, it’s designed to perform reliably in a variety of challenging conditions. 

Summary: Aimpoint Comp M4 vs PRO

Both the Aimpoint Comp M4 and PRO are excellent optics, each excelling in different areas. The Comp M4 leads in battery life and has more advanced features, while the PRO offers better value for money. Your choice will depend on your specific needs and budget.

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