Aimpoint PRO (Patrol Rifle Optic) Review

Aimpoint PRO Review

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Aimpoint is a tactical optics manufacturer famous for its high-quality reflex collimator sights with unlimited eye relief.

Aimpoint’s instruments are appreciated by recreational shooters, hunters, and professionals, and our Aimpoint PRO review will discuss in detail the features and characteristics of their most popular model, the Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic.

With its PRO model, Aimpoint’s goal is that of meeting the needs of the professional tactical shooters such as police officers and military professionals, the company knowing that if their requirements are met, the instrument will also meet the needs of the most various types of users.

For this purpose, the manufacturer consulted a distinguished group of current and former tactical shooters prior to design its masterpiece; as a result, the Patrol Rifle Optic incorporates many unique features that maximize the sight’s performance even in the most challenging conditions.

Before discussing the Aimpoint PRO’s features in detail, let’s have a word about the instrument’s design.

Aimpoint PRO Design

Aimpoint Pro In Close

Aimpoint PRO is made of hard anodized aluminum, the instrument striking with its sophisticated matte black finish.

The housing tube boasts a diameter of  30mm and it protects an extremely efficient circuit that allows the sight to remain turned on for as many as three years.

The tube also protects the recessed front and rear lens.

The recessed design, in fact, provides increased protection against impact damage and scratches to the lens system, the optical performance of the instrument being, in this way, guaranteed.

Another interesting element of design specific to the Aimpoint PRO is the modular QRP2 mount with a removable spacer, designed to help users index the sight at the optimal height with ease.

The lenses are fully multicoated with an anti-reflex layer and the dot has the right color intensity to be spotted with ease at light intensities of up to 55.000 lx.

Regarding the design of the lens system, this red dot sight uses reflex collimator technology with a LED dot for easier target acquisition and aiming.

As you could expect from a red dot sight, the lens doesn’t present magnification, which means that the instrument is parallax free and has an unlimited eye relief.

Regarding the physical specifications, this sight is compatible with a wide range of rifles and other types of firearms thanks to its compact dimensions.

The instrument weighs 11.6 oz., including battery, mount, spacer, and lens cover, and it measures 4.5 inches in length and 2.18 inches in circumference.

Aimpoint PRO Features

Aiming With Aimpoint Pro

Probably the best Aimpoint PRO feature is the possibility of leaving the targeting dot on without worrying about the lifetime of the battery.

The battery is guaranteed for an operation of up to 3 years when the sight is left always on, which means that your tactical instruments will always be ready to use.

Multiple Compatibility

Aimpoint PRO is designed specifically to be used with M4 and AR15 rifle types, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t use it with other types of firearms as well.

A model the Aimpoint PRO is compatible with is the SIG516, a rifle type popular among police officers.

Thanks to the adaptable mounting system, the sight is actually compatible with most shotgun types.

But this sight is not only compatible with multiple shotgun types, it is also compatible with other optical instruments, thanks to the special band-pass coating of the front lens.

Thanks to this feature, the sight can be used with a wide range of magnifiers and night vision devices.

Ready To Mount

Another top Aimpoint PRO feature is the fact that the instrument comes with a QRP2 mount and with a standard spacer for AR15 rifles, making the instrument ready to mount.

Modular Mount

To enable the use with multiple types of shotguns, the Aimpoint PRO’s mount spacer can be removed.

This will enable you to use the optical instrument with a wide range of rifles and also to set the desired height of the sight.

MOA Red Dot

To guarantee an accurate target acquisition at all distances, this optical instrument features a 2 minute of angle red dot that will transform even the hardest tactical activity into a game.

In fact, thanks to this feature, the instrument is suitable for professional use.

Transparent Rear Cover

To maintain your tactical equipment ready in all circumstances, having the red dot always on is not enough.

For this reason, the Aimpoint PRO also comes with a transparent rear lens cover that protects the lens from scratches and allows you to aim the target even in the most unexpected situation.


Aimpoint knows that different users have different requirements. For this reason, the manufacturer allows the users to customize the optical instrument according to their needs.

Strengths & Weaknesses

  • Waterproof at 150 feet. Operates during immersion
  • Battery and adjustment cap retainer straps
  • Battery change and service reminders
  • Recessed lens openings
  • Removable spacer
  • Compatible to use with ARD devices
  • Sometimes uncomfortable to use
  • It misses a brightness adjustment setting

Customer Reviews

Aimpoint Pro Scope

There are numerous Aimpoint PRO reviews that speak about the features and benefits of this red dot sight.

Not all the customers who bought this instrument are professional shooters, therefore all these reviews can give you a real insight into what it feels like using such a high-quality optical instrument.

Among the most appreciated features are the clarity of the view, the windage, and the battery.

Most of the users consider the Aimpoint PRO for sale an exceptional instrument, claiming that it has “an exceptional performance on the range”.

The complaints regard the lack of a brightness adjustment feature.

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