Best 3-Gun Competition Blogs

3-Gun competitions have been around for decades and continue to attract lots and lots of competitive shooters all around the world. We put together this article to serve as a one-stop site containing the best 3-gun competition blogs for 3-gun enthusiasts everywhere. From 3-gun competition basics to the latest 3-gun news, it’s all here!!

Best 3-Gun Competition Blogs

Best for Beginners: How to Shoot Your First 3-Gun Competition

This blog serves as a comprehensive guide for beginners and gun enthusiasts who want to join 3-gun competitions but don’t know how and where to start. It discusses literally everything you need to know about 3-guns including how to find a competition near you to how 3-gun scoring works.

Runner-up: Competition Shooting 101: 3-Gun

This blog provides a concise introduction to 3-gun competitions. It’s perfect for beginners who are looking for a quick read about 3-guns.

Runner-up: A Beginner’s Guide To 3 Gun Competition

This blog is perfect for beginners who want to learn about the history of 3-gun competitions, who is in charge of these competitions, and what are the divisions involved.

Runner-up: Competition 101: Preparing for Your First 3-Gun Competition

This blog discusses in detail all the types of guns, ammo, and gear used in 3-gun competitions.

Most Complete 3-Gun Competition Blog: A Complete Guide To 3 Gun Competition Shooting

This blog provides complete details about 3-gun competitions including rules, course layouts, and gear, and gives helpful tips for beginners.

Best For Those Who Don’t Have Time To Read: 3 Gun Life

This website contains videos about actual 3-gun competitions where you can discover different techniques. It has a few videos discussing how to get started in 3-gun and which gear to get.

Best 3 Gun Scopes

Best for Serious Shooters: 5 Tips for 3-Gun Shooting

This article talks about tips and different approaches that serious shooters could use to make headway in every competition.


This website has multiple blog entries about 3-gun strategies and first-hand experiences from the writer. However, the last entry was last 2016, so it’s a little outdated.

Best for those looking for 3-Gun Competition Gear: 3 Gun Competitions

This article discusses all the gear needed for 3-gun competitions and how to choose the right ones, from 3-gun weapons, holsters, and belts, to 3-gun accessories and range bags.

Runner-up: Best 3-Gun Gear for Every Skill Level

This article reviews a number of 3-gun gear suitable for every shooter’s need and skill level. Some of the gear reviewed are a charging handle, safety equipment, a shot timer, and a steel target.

Best 3-Gun Scopes Blog: 5 Best 3 Gun Scopes [2022 Review]

This blog reviews scopes for every type of 3-gun shooter, including the features you need to consider before buying one.

Best for AR-15 Users: 3-Gun Competition Upgrades for AR-15s

This blog briefly discusses which parts of your rifle you need to upgrade to give you the edge in competitions.

Best for Pistol Users: What Are The Best 3-Gun Pistols?

This article lists the features that make a good 3-gun pistol. It also reviews the best and most efficient 3-gun pistol brands that you can choose from.

Runner-up: Ruger American Pistol Competition: Is it the Best 3 Gun Competition Pistol?

This article reviews the Ruger American Pistol Competition 9mm and discusses why it’s one of the best commercially available pistols for competitions.

Best for Glock Users: Days of Guns: Glock 34 Perfect for 3-Gun

This blog gives a first-hand review of the Glock 34 and why it’s one of the most effective competition handguns.

Best for Shotgun Users: 15 Shotguns Designed For 3-Gun Competitions

This article reviews the top 15 shotgun models that are designed especially for 3-gun competitions. The writer also included links where you can purchase the shotguns.

Best for Women Shooters:

This blog series features women participating in and dominating 3-gun competitions.

Runner-up: Superstition & Mystery: High Lady Dakota Overland’s 3-Gun Win

This article features the story about Dakota Overland’s win during the annual Superstition Mountain Mystery 3-Gun match. The NRA also holds thousands of competitive shooting matches every year, so you can check out their website ( if you’re interested. 

Best for Professional Shooters: NRA Outdoors Turns 3-Gun Shooters Into Competition Champions

This blog narrates how students from the NRA Outdoor 3-Gun School turned from aspiring shooters into champs.

Runner-up: 3-Gun Champ Taran Butler on Shooting Better and Hollywood Gun-Handling

This article contains an interview with the professional shooter and multi-national champion Taran Butler. Butler gave tips on how to shoot better and other gun handling tips. 

Best 3-Gun Weapons Blog: 21 Rifles, Shotguns, and Pistols For 3-Gun Competition

This article reviews 21 top-of-the-line weapons (rifles, shotguns, handguns) that will help you triumph in every competition. The page also provides a list of websites where you can purchase the mentioned products.

Best for Leisure Shooters: 3-Gun: Family-Friendly Shooting Sport 404

This blog briefly discusses what 3-gun competitions are. It also talks about how 3-guns are a great bonding activity for the whole family.

Runner-up: 3-Gun Match—Crazy Fun with Some Crazy Guns

Cheaper than Dirt is generally an online shop for firearms, ammo, hunting gear, and more. They also publish blogs from time to time, and this one talks about how fun (and crazy) 3-gun competitions are.

Best for Custom Builders: Dream 3-Gun AR Build

This article walks the reader through the process of choosing parts for a custom build. It also talks about how a custom AR build gives you the edge in 3-gun competitions. The writer chose high-quality AR parts that are great for beginners and professionals. 

Runner-up: Building the Perfect 3-Gun Rifle

In this article, the writer discusses how demanding rifles are in 3-gun competitions, especially during quick target transitions and moving targets. It discusses which qualities of AR parts will give you the most advantage while competing. 

Best with Informational Videos: Daily Bulletin

This blog contains videos featuring top female 3-gun champ Janna Reeves discussing how she gets ready for every competition and how she selects 3-gun gear and accessories.

Best with the Latest 3-Gun News:

This blog series contains the latest news about recent 3-gun competitions and newly-released 3-gun firearms, gear, and accessories.

Runner-up: Shooting Sports USA

This series of articles also features news about selected 3-gun competitions. 

Runner-up: Grey Host Precision

This blog series consists of multiple stories featuring major 3-gun competitions that took place recently.

Best 3-Gun Attire Blog: What Attire Should You Wear for Your First 3-Gun Competition?

This article talks about the importance of attire in 3-gun competitions. It also provides tips on selecting the proper attire and why picking the most comfortable attire plays a big role in your performance.

Best 3-Gun Shops

Gritr Sports

Grit Sports sells a wide variety of shooting sports gear. This includes firearms, ammunition, cleaning kits, knives, and optics, as well as hunting, archery, paintball, and tactical gear. They also buy used guns.


We love how Winchester organized their online shop. Every product is categorized according to its usage. Like if you want to hunt big game, or turkeys, for example, they have sections with guns and gear for those applications only. They also have sections designated for competitive shooting, personal defense, and recreational shooting.

Savage Arms

Savage Arms sells mostly rifles, shotguns, and handguns. You can filter and view their products by usage or by features for easier browsing.

Best Personal 3-Gun Blog: My First Run and Gun

This personal blog talks about the writer’s first Run and Gun competition. Despite having joined multiple competitions previously, the writer stated that one doesn’t become an expert shooter overnight. The writer also emphasized how important it is to prepare not only your guns and gear but also your mind and body when joining competitions.

Exclusive for South Mississippi Shooters: South Mississippi Practical Shooting 3-Gun Information

This blog is created for competitive shooters who want to join 3-gun competitions in South Mississippi. The South Mississippi Practical Shooting Association is sanctioned by the United States Practical Shooting Association.

Other 3-Gun Blogs

3 Gun Competition stage slide

This blog features an article originally published at The Firearms Blog. It’s about semi-pro shooter Rick Birdsall’s controversial slide to complete the course of fire during a 3-gun competition.

Timney Triggers: 3-Gun Competition Triggers

This short but informative article highlights how the trigger type used greatly impacts performance in every 3-gun competition.

Triangle Tactical: Tarheel 3-Gun

This blog series contains stories and news about the Tarheel 3-Gun Challenge. The last published blog is dated January 2015.


There you have it, no search engine is needed, just click on the links we provided above! But before you start preparing for your first (or next) 3-gun competition, take a short refresher course on guns and shooting from these articles:

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