Ultimate Guide to the Best Subreddits for Hunters

Best subreddits for hunters

Imagine a world where the thrill of the hunt isn’t just about donning your best camouflage gear and venturing into the wild, but also about the click of a mouse and the thrill of discovering a treasure trove of Reddit communities. Let’s embark on a digital safari and uncover the best subreddits for hunters.

What is a Subreddit?

To the uninitiated, Reddit might seem like a daunting jungle of jargon and inside jokes. At its core, Reddit is a vast network of subreddits, each focused on a particular interest or topic. These subreddits range from the mainstream to the obscure, from the serious to the utterly whimsical. They are the lifeblood of Reddit, a place where enthusiasts gather to share stories, exchange tips, and sometimes, just to have a good laugh.

Best Subreddits for Hunters


This subreddit is like a virtual campfire where seasoned hunters and novices alike gather. Here, you can find discussions on everything from hunting gear to conservation efforts. Here are some of our favorites:

Coyote vs Sheep:

Massive bear kill:


For those who prefer the string and arrow to the bullet and gun, this subreddit is a quiver full of tips, tricks, and tales of bowhunting adventures. It was hard to choose but we personally loved these:

An impressive harvest:

Enormous mule:

r/airgun hunting

This subreddit is a niche community dedicated to hunters who use airguns as their tool of choice. It’s a place where enthusiasts share tips, experiences, and stories about hunting small game, pests, and occasionally larger game, all with the use of airguns.

BBgun vs. Raccoon:

Pest control:


Focused on air rifles, this subreddit is not exclusively about hunting but encompasses all aspects of air rifles. Members discuss topics ranging from the latest air rifle models and maintenance tips to shooting techniques and target practice. It’s a resource for both hunters and recreational shooters. 

GK1 and K1 .25

Turkey kill:


As the name suggests, this subreddit is a dedicated space for deer hunting enthusiasts. It’s a community where members share their experiences, tactics, and stories about deer hunting. Discussions often include gear recommendations, strategies for tracking and harvesting deer, and sharing memorable hunting escapades.

Hunting deer tips:

Baby deer:


This subreddit zeroes in on hunting one of the most popular game animals in North America: the whitetail deer. It’s a hub for hunters to discuss everything related to whitetail hunting, from scouting and tracking to the specifics of whitetail behavior and habitat. 

Fresh kill:

Thanksgiving deer:


Tailored for those who are passionate about turkey hunting, this subreddit covers all aspects of the sport. Members share tips on calling, decoy setup, and strategies for a successful turkey hunt. It’s also a place for sharing personal hunting stories, photos, and discussing the various challenges and rewards of turkey hunting.

Just in time for Thanksgiving:

Game calls:


This subreddit is a community for those interested in hunting coyotes. It’s a place for sharing techniques, stories, and discussions about the various aspects of coyote hunting. From baiting and calling strategies to gear recommendations and ethical debates, this subreddit covers the diverse and challenging world of coyote hunting.

North Texas coyote:

Snare traps save the day:

r/elk hunting

Dedicated to elk hunters, this subreddit provides a platform for sharing experiences, tips, and strategies specific to elk hunting. Members discuss the best practices for tracking, calling, and harvesting these majestic creatures, as well as sharing their personal stories and photographs from their hunting expeditions.

Start them young:

How to cook elk steaks:


Man’s best friend gets a spotlight here. r/Huntingdogs celebrates the four-legged companions that make hunting trips all the more rewarding. 

First duck:


While not exclusively a hunting subreddit, /r/Binoculars is an essential resource for hunters who rely on binoculars for scouting and tracking game. This community focuses on discussions about different binocular brands, models, and features, as well as advice on choosing the right pair for specific outdoor activities, including hunting.

Intro to binoculars:

Hardcore collector:


This subreddit caters to enthusiasts of crossbow hunting. It’s a place for crossbow hunters to exchange information and experiences about their sport, including discussions about different crossbow models, aiming techniques, and the unique challenges and advantages of hunting with a crossbow. Members also share their hunting stories and advice for both newcomers and experienced hunters.

30-yard kill:

Ready to shoot:

Summary: Best Subreddits for Hunters

Whether you’re a veteran hunter or someone who’s just curious about the sport, these subreddits offer a diverse range of perspectives and experiences. Hunting is not just about the kill; it’s about the respect for nature, the thrill of the chase, and the stories that come from both successful and not-so-successful expeditions. Hope you had fun reading as much as we enjoyed putting this guide together!

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