Handgun Roundup: 1911 Anniversary Models

photo of John Browning

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the 1911 pistol designed by John Browning and originally produced for the U.S. military. The 1911 is wildly popular today, with (at press time) 289 models under production by 25 manufacturers.

Many of these manufacturers offer centennial-edition 1911s to commemorate the 100th anniversary. The design of these pistols range widely, as do the prices. This article provides summary information for each anniversary model currently available, with a link to a page for each gun that features more extensive information and photos. I’ve listed the pistols according to price, from lowest to highest.

Note: If I’ve failed to include a model, please let me know via the Contact form at this link, or via the Comment form at the bottom of this article. And if you’d like a closer look at a gun, click on a photo to enlarge it.

With no further ado, here they are:


photo of Auto-Ordnance 100th Anniversary 1911100th Anniversary 1911PKZ
MSRP: $658


photo of Para 100th Anniversary 19111911 100th Anniversary
MSRP: $1,079


photo of Remington centennial 19111911 R1 Centennial
MSRP: $1,250


photo of Browning 1911 commemorative set1911-22 Commemorative Set I
MSRP: $1,339


photo of Remington 1911 Centennial Limited Edition

1911 R1 Centennial Limited Edition
MSRP: $2,250


photo of Colt basic 1911 commemorative pistol
photo of Colt limited 1911 commemorative

100th Anniversary 1911
MSRP: $2,295 (model 01911 ANVII)
MSRP: $1,150 (model 01911ANVIII)


photo of Para 14-45 1911 Anniversary pistol14·45 Anniversary
MSRP: $2,399

Ed Brown

photo of Ed Brown centennial 1911 pistolExecutive Elite Centennial Edition
MSRP: $2,495


photo of Nighthawk standard grade anivversary 1911 pistol
Standard Grade
photo of Nighthawk high grade anivversary 1911 pistol
High Grade

Centennial 1911
MSRP: $2,895 (Standard Grade)
MSRP: n/a (High Grade)


photo of Turnbull 1911 anniversary pistol1911
MSRP: $3,895

Les Baer

photo of Les Baer 1911 anniversary pistol1911 Centennial
MSRP: $3,960

Wilson Combat

photo of Wilson Combat 1911 anniversary pistolContemporary Classic
MSRP: $3,995


photo of STI 100th anniversary 1911 pistol100th Anniversary Special Edition
MSRP: $4,154.02


photo of Kimber anniversary 1911 pistolCentennial Edition
MSRP: $4,352


photo of Browning 1911 commemorative set II1911-22 Commemorative Set II
MSRP: $4,669

Cylinder & Slide

photo of Cylinder and Slide 1911 Navy pistol1911 Government Model 100th Anniversary
MSRP: $5,000

Ed Brown

photo of Ed Brown Classic Custom Centennial Edition pistolClassic Custom Centennial Edition
MSRP: $6,995


Jed Henson photoJed Henson is an author, editor and publisher.

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7 thoughts on “Handgun Roundup: 1911 Anniversary Models”

  1. SIG SAUER has introduced a line of Traditional 1911s for the 100th anniversary year.
    See pics here: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?id=57629597602&aid=323323#!/photo.php?fbid=10150129035607603&set=a.10150129035477603.323323.57629597602&theater

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  2. Wilson Combat also has their own Centennial

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  3. Thanks guys! I overlooked that Wilson Combat centennial–I’ll add it now. And I’ll check out those SIGs.

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  4. Browning has one as well.

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  5. Thanks Pancho! I wonder who’s building the .45 for Browning? Anybody have any info on that one?

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  6. Hi, all fine guns. Now Ruger is in the game I saw you rate, but I was just about to buy Kimbers Custom II all stainless TLE/RL II. What do you think? Older 80’s safety? Firing pin? Thanks and best regards, Louis

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  7. Para PXT 100th… Para DID have some issues with the bushings and extractors on SOME of their 1911’s… their customer service was superb… replacing these parts fast and free with EGW stuff… my 100th Anniversary PXT is as fine a shooting pistol as any Ed Brown or Les Baer.

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