Suunto Core All Black Military Watch Review

Suunto Core In Full Glory

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SUUNTO Core Military watch is a timepiece designed for outdoor activities.

This watch features a sturdy water-resistant case and its design combines the dynamic and modern look with the traditional reliability of SUUNTO watches.

Without a doubt, it’s a great choice for adventurers and military professionals alike.

Although it doesn’t come with a GPS, this military watch has a bunch of useful functions and is made of resistant materials.

Our SUUNTO Core Military watch review will break down what we like and what we don’t.

Suunto Core All Black Unboxing


SUUNTO Core All Black is the classic model of the military watches line.

The timepiece is characterized by a round bezel and a digital display protected by a scratch-resistant mineral crystal window.

The display is divided into the various modes of the watch and the final touch is given by the resin wristband that perfectly matches the design of the case.

The watch only weighs 2.9 ounces and has a diameter of 1.9 inches.

It’s compatible with alternate wristbands and the manufacturer also produces the same model in a variety of colors and designs.

The manufacturer created the SUUNTO Core Military watch for men, but if you’d ask us, it’s one of the best military watches out there.

Box showing the Suunto Core All Black is designed in Finland and made in China
Suunto is designed and Finland and made in China.

Characteristics And Features

Suunto Core All Black Military Watch

SUUNTO Core has all the characteristics of a sports watch designed for intensive outdoor activities, its functions being summarized by three modes, Time, Altimeter & Barometer and Compass.

Each function has a dedicated display and the users have the possibility to access more details for each of them from the intuitive menu.

Time Mode

I’d say this needs the fewest explanations, wouldn’t you?

The actual time is shown on the upper half of the display and below it is shown the moment of the sunrise and sunset.

SUUNTO Core can also be set on dual time mode, indicating, in this case, the corresponding time for a secondary locality from a different time zone.

From the time mode, the users can also access three further functions, namely a stopwatch, countdown timer, and alarm.

Alti & Baro Mode

Suunto Core All Black altitude

The Altimeter and Barometer function is certainly more interesting than the time function.

The watch can be set either manually to measure the altitude, the barometric pressure or the depth, or it can be set to pass from one function to another autonomously.

In the second case, a vertical movement will activate the altimeter while the prolonged permanence at a determined level of altitude will automatically switch the device to barometer mode.

But SUUNTO Core doesn’t limit itself to the sole detection of these levels, it also records the data in a dedicated log that can be checked too.

To do this, you will only have to set the desired interval between 1, 5, 10 or 30 seconds and the display will automatically show the altitude track.

SUUNTO Core Military watch is calibrated to reveal smaller altitude intervals than the vast majority of the similar watches, being extremely precise and accurate even in the lack of GPS.

In fact, on the contrary of the satellite detection, the altitude detection is a more useful feature, as it works without any problems in any area, including those affected by signal stability problems and low coverage.

The barometer, on the other hand, includes a storm alarm that will warn you, through an acoustic signal, of any pressure changes that announce an imminent weather change.

Altitude logging is a plus!

This function also has a log and on the display, you will be able to view the general pressure trends as well as a summary graph of the last 24 hours.

In this mode, you can also choose the Depth Meter function. In this case, the watch will display both the current and the maximum depth you have reached (up to 30 feet) during diving.

Compass Mode

Suunto Core all black compass

Lastly, the compass mode is a quite straightforward function that allows the use of the timepiece as a digital compass.

The manufacturer enhanced this function too, by allowing users to set and lock the compass on a determined route or specific destination.

In this case, the display will constantly indicate the path with directional arrows.

Additional Features

If you thought that you couldn’t ask for more, this top SUUNTO Core Military watch proves you wrong.

This watch also has a built-in thermometer that can be useful in many situations. For an accurate measurement, it is advisable to remove the watch from your wrist at least 15 minutes before measuring the actual environmental temperature.

Another useful feature is the possibility of changing the main language of the interface from English to German, French or Spanish and to change the measurement units from metric to customary.

Another big deal, the battery will last about a year! Of course, that depends on how you use it. But even when it does go dead, it takes a standard size, a CR2032, and is easy to get into and change.

Battery cover during unboxing

Users’ Opinion

Most of the users consider the All Black model one of the best SUUNTO Core Military watches.

The main characteristics users love are related to both its extremely accurate ABC function and to its affordable price.

Nevertheless, we did notice some of the users complaining about some minor flaws, such as the difficulty of seeing the display in certain light conditions. Really, that’s what you get with a negative display. They mostly look cool, but can be hard to read in certain light.

What’s the difference between the SUUNTO Core All Black and the SUUNTO Core Military?

Nothing, the SUUNTO Core Military description is used by some to describe the SUUNTO All Black Core with a negative display.

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SUUNTO Core All Black Watch

This timepiece can be considered a perfect choice for adventurers and military professionals alike. Let's dive deep into all features of Suunto Core Black.

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