Walther P22 Laser Sight

Walther P22 Laser Sight left side

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Manufacturer’s Description

The Walther P22 Laser Sight is red laser sight designed to fit the Walther P22 pistol. Features include:

  • A rail-mount system for the P22’s weaver rail, including a quick-release catch;
  • a 635nm red laser;Walther P22 Laser Sight left side
  • an LED on each side of the laser that indicate whether it’s on;
  • an on/off switch designed for right-handed shooters;
  • two 1.5V 357/303 batteries;
  • a hex wrench you can use to adjust for windage and elevation; and
  • adjustable laser intensity (via 12 settings).

The P22 Laser Sight weights 1.2 oz. and measures 1.9″x1.1″x1.5″.

MSRP: $150?

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