Best Shooting Optics Blogs

Optics play such a major role in improving our overall shooting performance that they have essentially become a must-have for shooting enthusiasts. That’s why we decided to put together this all-in-one article where you can find all the best shooting optics blogs, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned shooter.

Best Overall Shooting Optics Blog: Optics Addict

Optics Addict is a website intended solely for reviewing optics such as night vision gear, telescopes, monoculars, binoculars, rangefinders, and riflescopes


Optics Planet

Optics Planet publishes reviews on optical devices such as bow sights, binoculars, and riflescopes, as well as laboratory equipment. 

Optics Den

Optics Den is another reliable source for features, reviews, tutorials, and buyer’s guides on all kinds of sports optics.

Best Value Optics: Best Gun Scope

This website writes reviews for optics on different kinds of platforms and calibers. It also has blogs for the best scopes according to price and application.


Optics Zoo

Optics Zoo publishes reviews and comparisons solely for shooting optics.

Scopes Life

Scopes Life is great for budget-minded shooters as it publishes reviews of the best rifle scopes for the money. 


Best Binoculars Blog: Binoculars Guru

Binoculars Guru publishes the best binoculars reviews and best tips on everything about binoculars and rangefinders, including hunting and birding tips.

Runner-up: The Shooters Optics

The Shooters Optics focuses on reviewing binoculars, spotting scopes, rifle scopes, and rangefinders.


Best Trail Camera Blog: Best Trail Camera Reviews

Best Trail Camera Reviews is a website that publishes reviews and comparisons of the best game cameras.

Best Thermal Camera Blog: Cheapest Thermal Camera

Cheapest Thermal Camera is a website that publishes product guides for thermal imaging devices that offer the best value. 

Best Blog on Thermal Imaging: Thermal Imaging Camera Reviews

Holding Thermal Imager

This website educates its readers about the benefits and use of thermal imaging cameras. It provides side-by-side comparisons and reviews of the best thermal cameras, monoculars, and scopes. 

Shooting Optics Manufacturers

Best Overall: Leupold

Leupold is one of the most sought-after shooting optics manufacturers in the world because of their top-notch products. 

Best Shooting Optics Manufacturer for the Money: Vortex

Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6x24 range testing

This website is Vortex’s official blog with articles about hunting how-to’s, shooting pro tips, and gear. 

Shooting Optics Manufacturer with the Best Deals: Talon Precision Optics

Talon Precision Optics is the perfect shop for those on a limited budget and who are looking for great shooting optics deals.


Athlon Optics

Athlon Optics is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality sports optics and outdoor gear.


Zeiss develops and produces professional-grade shooting optics and optoelectronic devices.

AGM Global Vision

AGM Global Vision is a company that develops and distributes thermal and night vision rifle scopes, monoculars, binoculars, spotting scopes, clip-on systems, and even infrared illumination devices.

Element Optics

Element Optics is a manufacturer of premium quality riflescopes and optics. 

The 28 Best Rifle Scope Manufacturers in 2022

The 28 Best Rifle Scope Manufacturers in 2022 – In this article, the author lists and provides a quick description of the top rifle scope manufacturers today.

Shooting Optics Shops and Retailers

Best Overall: The Optics Zone

The Optics Zone is an online retailer that offers an extensive selection of outdoor optics equipment and riflescopes. 

Best Shooting Optics Shop for the Money: Euro Optic

Euro Optic is an online shop for high-quality but affordable optics and rifles.

Runner up: Sharp Shooter Optics

Sharp Shooter Optics is a shop that distributes quality hunting and tactical optics. They have a wide variety of spotting scopes, rangefinders, binoculars, riflescopes, and tactical sights.

Night Vision Optics

Best Night Vision Rifle Scopes

Best Overall: Clever Hunters

Clever Hunters is a blog that reviews night vision gear, including night vision riflescopes, thermal scopes, night vision goggles, and more. 

Runner up: Tactical Gear Hut

This website has sections dedicated to red dot sights, reflex sights, laser sights, night sights, red dot magnifiers, and more. The website is designed to help readers easily navigate and locate what they’re looking for.

Shooting Optics Buying Guides

Best Overall: Optics Guides

Optics Guides is a website that publishes buying guides on the best sports and hunting optics. 


Berretta Trident

Unlike other blogs, Berretta Trident publishes buying guides solely about rifle scopes. They have posts listing the best scopes for every type of rifle.


Aside from product reviews and buying guides for shooting optics. Scopelist also provides tools such as a ballistic calculator and a part finder.

Optics Oasis

Optics Oasis allows its audience to read product reviews based on optics and sporting types. Its reviews are also categorized and organized in alphabetical order for its readers’ convenience.

Quickly Pick

Quickly Pick provides tips about shooting optics. It also has informative buying guides about how to choose an optic and how to choose the best rifle scope. 

Hunting Optics

Best Overall: Ranger Expert

This website has sections for each type of outdoor scope such as sniper scopes, long and short-range scopes, hunting scopes, rimfire scopes, thermal scopes, and scope rings, and even scopes for specific brands and platforms such as Vortex and Remington 700. 


Hunting Hoop

The Hunting Hoop writes individual reviews on today’s best shooting optics. These reviews consist of the pros and cons of every product, as well as detailed information on each optic’s best features. 

How to Choose Your Best Hunting Scope

How to Choose Your Best Hunting Scope – This blog features tips on how to score the best hunting scope. The author also provided a short informational video about the topic.

Optics for Big Game Hunting: The Best Optics for Western Big Game Hunting

A shooter in Washoe, Nevada.

In this article, the writer identifies and elaborates on which optics works best for every type of large game to maximize hunting success.

Deer Hunting Scope: The 5 Best Rifle Scopes for Deer Hunting Under $500 in 2022

whitetail deer buck

In this article, the Rugged Man discusses how essential a dependable scope is to a successful hunt and reviews his personal picks for the best deer hunting rifle scope brands.

Outdoor Optics

Best Overall: Outdoor Empire

Outdoor Empire publishes reviews on product reviews and tips for outdoor activities such as fishing, hunting, and camping.


Adventure Footstep

Adventure Footstep publishes blogs about rifle scopes, red dots, reflex sights, and iron sights. One of its most informative posts is about the best rifle scopes manufacturers.

IOutdoor Pursuit

IOutdoor Pursuit writes reviews about essential and high-performance outdoor gear and accessories. 

Gun Gear Lab

Gun Gear Lab reviews all shooting gear, from rangefinder binoculars, and laser boresighters to laser sights.

Shooting Optics Blog for Reloaders: Reloader Addict

Reloader Addict is a website intended for reloaders. Aside from blogs on scopes and sights, this website is also a source of useful info about guns, gun accessories, gun maintenance, hunting, and reloading.


Best Overall:

All Range Finder writes reviews about the best rangefinders for hunting and golf, and how to choose the proper rangefinder.

Runner-up: Range Finder Now

This website categorizes its posts according to manufacturers, hunting weapon type, and game type, making it easier for readers to look for topics.

Hunting Range Finder FAQ

Bow Hunting Optics

Best Overall: Range Finders Pro

This site reviews rangefinders for golf, hunting, and archery. The website also has a separate section for bow hunting and allows the readers to search for products according to brand.

Runner-up: Outer Optics

This site publishes individual reviews on shooting optics and the best lists for bow sights, monoculars, binoculars, flashlights, and other essential shooting optics.

Air Rifles

Shooting With Air Rifle

Best Overall: Best Air Rifle Scope

Best Air Rifle Scope doesn’t only review air rifle scopes, it also publishes articles about thermal rifle scopes, night vision scopes, digital rifle scopes, thermal rifle scopes, and sniper rifle scopes.

Runner-up: Optics Thoughts

This website focuses its topics mostly on weapon sights. It also publishes articles about binoculars, spotting scopes, cameras, various firearms, airguns, and knives. 

Shooting Optics for Military

Best Overall: Marine Approved

This site writes reviews on reliable tactical, survival, and shooting gear. Their writers are former or active US Marines, so rest assured that experts and professionals write their posts.


Precision Rifle Blog

Precision Rifle Blog contains articles and podcasts researched and based on personal experiences by the writer. This blog covers topics such as scopes, barrels, rangefinders, and muzzle brakes. 

Barret Rifles

Barret Rifles mostly reviews AR15s, shooting accessories, and gun safes. They published reviews on a wide array of shooting optics, from low-power variable scopes to the best ACOG optics.


Top 5 Barska Rifle Scope Reviews [2019]

Best Overall: Rifle Scope Center

This site posts articles about rifle scopes and different kinds of shooting optics.


Rifle Scope Reviews

Rifle Scope Reviews publishes buying guides, price table comparisons, and recommendations that help buyers choose the right optics, hunting gear, and gun accessories. This website also has posts about scope basics and the best rifle scope reviews and comparisons.

Rifle Scope Blog

This website features articles about rifle scopes, red dots, lights, and lasers personally tested by the writer. 

The Rifle Range

This website publishes weapon differences, rifle scopes, ammo comparisons, gun safety, hunting tips, improving your shot, and weapon accessories.

Defense Guider

Defense Guider writes reviews for gun safes and rifle scopes with accompanied testing and simulation.

Scopes Reviews

Scopes Reviews focuses on reviewing rifle scopes using a unique format of guides.

AR-15 Optics:

Man Looking Through Red Dot Sights

Red Dot Sight vs. Red Dot Scope: What’s The Best for AR-15? – This article lists the differences between red dot sights and red dot scopes.

Shooting Optics Blog with Hand-Tested Reviews: Scopes Field

This website was created for reviewing rifle scopes. The writer publishes unbiased and honest reviews after testing the scopes personally.

Runner-up: Trendy Tactical

This site is managed by a team of retired veterans with a passion for doing in-depth and field-tested product reviews. 

Shooting Optics Blogs for Serious Shooters

Best Overall: Sniper Country

Sniper Country is a long-running website that publishes articles about optics, guns, ammunition, hunting gears, and concealed carry gear.


Target Tamers

Target Tamers is the perfect website if you’re a serious shooter looking for the perfect optic for hunting, shooting, tactical, or wildlife observation.

Outdoor Ever

Aside from publishing articles and reviews on bow shooting gear, optics, rifles, gun safes, and other shooting gear, this website also writes hunting tips and hunting regulation articles for certain states.

Scope Base Basics: 0 MOA or 20 MOA?

This article elaborates on scope base basics and how to optimize your scope to improve accuracy.

Tactical Shooting Optics 

Best Tactical Scope contains reviews and buying guides on the best tactical shooting optics and accessories. It also has articles that provide tips about parallax, boresighting, and rifle scope anatomy. 

Shooting Optics Blog for Beginners 

Best Overall: Badass Optic

This site helps its readers find the right optic. It has specific sections for shooting optics such as long-range rifle scopes, red dot sights, prism sights, and optic mounts. It also provides reviews for shooting accessories such as rifle lights, handgun lights, scout mount lights, and pressure switches.


Cluny Country – Beginner’s Guide to Rifle Scopes

This article lists the key factors to consider when buying your first riflescope.

10 Different Types of Rifle Scopes

10 Different Types of Rifle Scopes is an article that discusses the basic types of scopes and which qualities set them apart.

8 Factors to Consider Before Buying Your First Riflescope

This article not only lists the 8 most important factors to consider when choosing a riflescope, but it also gives tips on which type of optics are best for certain situations.


Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot [2019 Review]

As a known and trusted optics brand, Bushnell sees to it that its website equips its readers with everything they need to know about rifle scopes.

Red Dot Sight or Scope: What’s the Best Optic for your Rifle?

This article is a great read for newbies who are weighing the pros and cons between red dot sights and scopes.

Adaptive Shooting Optics

Digital Crosshairs 1000 – Adaptive Hunting Equipment – This article briefly explains what adaptive shooting is and how it benefits handicapped sports enthusiasts. It also reviews the best adaptive gear for physically-challenged shooters.

Shooting Optics for Shooters with Poor Vision

Best Scope Options for Shooters with Poor Vision or Old Eyes – This article discusses how poor vision becomes a hindrance when shooting. It also lists the things to consider when choosing your scope and gives tips on how to find the right rifle. 


Why the Marines Chose an LPVO (It Makes Sense) – This blog explains why the Marines replaced the Trijicon ACOG with the Trijicon VCOG. It also briefly discusses what an LPVO is as well as the downsides of using one.

Long-Range Shooting Optics

Best Long Range Shooting Rifle Scopes Reviews in 2021 – This post lists and reviews the best long-range rifle scopes for the money.

Shooting Optics Blog for All Types of Shooters 

Lunde Studio publishes reviews and buying guides suited for professional shooters and newbies alike. They also have articles about ownership of safety precautions, maintenance, and shooting skills enhancement.

Shooting Optics Blog Based on Shot Shows

Optics Info is the official blog of Optics Trade, a site that sells all types of optics from leading brands in the market. 

For those who want to sell their optics 

5 Tips for Selling Your Used Rifle Optics – RKB Armory is a website where you can sell your used optics and get tips on how to find the one that suits you.

Shooting Optics Catalog

2020 BigJimFish Review – In this post, the author lists down all the shooting optics articles he created during the past year and provides a summary of what each article was about. For easier access, each article title has a link that leads to the original post.

Shooting Optics News

The Firearm Blog is a publication website that publishes news on hunting, military gear, self-defense, and the latest firearms.

Shooting School

The Range 702 – Best Rifle Scopes of 2020 – The Range 702 is a shooting school that offers shooting classes and training, but its website also publishes blogs on the best shooting gear.

Vintage Shooting Optics

Vintage Gun Scopes is a website that offers refurbished, re-glassed, and restored vintage scopes.

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