Ultimate Guide to Guns Used by Special Forces 

Guns used by Special Forces

Ever looked at a Special Forces operative and wondered, “What kind of firepower are they packing?” The answer isn’t simple, but it’s interesting. Since units have a lot of flexibility in what guns they use, these answers are harder to track down than contracts from major DoD branches. From handguns to rocket launchers, the weapons these elite fighters carry are a blend of precision, power, and functionality. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty and uncover the guns used by Special Forces.

Guns Used by Special Forces 

Each of these firearms and weapon systems has a specific role, tailored to the needs of Special Forces during their high-stakes missions.


M9 Beretta

Primarily used for close-quarter engagements or as a last-resort weapon, the M9 Beretta is the sidearm that Special Forces operatives can rely on when their primary weapon is not an option. It’s reliable, easy to use, and packs a 9mm punch. This one is used all over the US and foreign militaries too.

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Sniper Rifles

MK 12 Mod 0

The MK12 Mod 0 is often employed for mid-range sniping and reconnaissance missions. It’s not just about taking out targets; it’s also about gathering intelligence while staying concealed. 

It’s the sniper rifle that bridges the gap between longer rifles and shorter carbines.

This beauty is also one of the guns used by SEALs.


For longer-range engagements, especially in open terrains, the M110 is the go-to among the guns used by Special Forces.

It offers the firepower and the optics for operatives to eliminate threats from a safe distance.


This bolt-action rifle is favored for its accuracy and reliability. Special Forces snipers would use the M24 for long-range precision shooting, where each shot counts.


Guns used by Special Forces

When there are vehicles, equipment, or fortifications that need to be destroyed, the M107 is the choice. It’s not just for personnel; it’s for making anything armored go “boom” with AP ammo.

Carbines / Assault Rifles


The M4a1 is the all-rounder, suitable for various combat situations. From urban warfare to forest engagements, its versatility makes it the primary weapon for all-round use by Special Forces operatives.


In situations where room-clearing and close-quarters combat are the norms, like in urban settings, the MK 13 CQBR shines. It’s designed for rapid movement and quick action.


FN® MK 16

SCAR-L stands for Light, and that’s exactly what it is. A lightweight, modular rifle that doesn’t skimp on the firepower. 

When a mission calls for a lightweight but powerful rifle, perhaps in terrains where mobility is key, the SCAR-L is the choice for many Special Forces units.


FN® MK 17

For missions that require more stopping power, perhaps in environments with longer sightlines, the SCAR-H is used. It delivers heavier rounds, making it ideal for medium to long-range combat.

Machine Guns

Mk 46

FN® MK 46 MOD 1

This light machine gun is often employed for suppressive fire. Whether it’s covering a retreat or advancing on a position, the Mk 46 keeps the enemy’s head down.

Mk 48 

FN® MK 48 MOD 1

Take the Mk 46, give it more power and you’ve got the Mk 48. This machine gun is made for laying down suppressive fire. It’s often used for vehicle mounting or fixed positions.


FN® M240B

The M240 is the workhorse medium machine gun in many Special Forces arsenals.

For sustained fire, often in defensive positions or for covering large areas, the M240 is a staple. It’s less about mobility and more about putting a lot of rounds downrange.

M2 Browning

When it’s time to bring out the big guns, quite literally, the M2 .50 caliber is deployed. Whether it’s taking out vehicles or fortified positions, the M2 Browning is a game-changer. It’s old but gold, and when it speaks, everyone listens.

Missile / Rocket Launchers

M136 AT4

guns used by Special Forces

When facing armored vehicles or fortified structures, Special Forces use the M136 AT4 for its anti-armor capabilities. It’s a one-shot, disposable weapon that packs a punch.

Javelin Missile

For taking out heavily armored targets like tanks, the Javelin is the go-to. It’s fire-and-forget, allowing operators to move to safety after launch.


What kind of guns do Special Forces carry?

From handguns like the M9 Beretta to anti-tank missiles like the Javelin, Special Forces carry a wide range of firearms depending on the mission.

What gun do most Special Forces use?

The M4a1 is commonly used for its versatility and reliability.

Do Special Forces use AR15?

Generally, no. They prefer military-grade weapons like the M4a1, which is similar but more robust.


There you have it, a deep dive into the world of guns used by Special Forces. These aren’t your average firearms; each is tailored for a specific kind of ass-kicking. 

Whether it’s the precise aim of a sniper rifle or the brute force of a machine gun, Special Forces weapons are built for extreme missions that most of us can’t even fathom. So next time you wonder about the kind of firepower our elite troops carry, you’ll know—it’s nothing short of extraordinary.

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