Undercover Arsenal: 11 Best DIY Hidden Gun Storage Ideas

Why hide your guns when you can turn them into home decorations, right? But if you like being sneaky about your gun collection, here are some clever DIY hidden gun storage ideas, even Sherlock Holmes would be fooled!

If you’re looking for solutions that you can purchase, check out our article covering hidden gun storage ideas too!


Do you have books that you barely read? Repurpose it into a secret stash for your guns. Ensure to place it on a high shelf out of your child’s reach!

Photo courtesy of rondelevium
Book as hidden gun safe
Photo courtesy of Tezkarshop

Picture Frame and Art Piece

Who would’ve thought that your cherished family hike picture at De Soto Falls or your child’s masterpiece could be a perfect hiding spot for your gun? No one!

Photo Courtesy of The Tactical Home
Photo Courtesy of MOGR7

Flag Display 

Craft a custom flag display that discreetly stores your gun, allowing your guests to admire your patriotic spirit without suspecting a thing!

Flag display secret firearm storage
Photo courtesy of First Alarm Wood Shop


Conceal your firearms within a mirror frame, enhancing invisibility by creating a recessed wall.

Mirror as Gun safe
Photo Courtesy of gunsafe

Floating Shelves

Ah yes! The classic floating shelves. Create a shelf with a secret compartment that opens discreetly either from the bottom or on the side using a magnetic lock as a child safety feature. 

Shelf as hidden gun safe
Photo courtesy of Murphy Door
Floating shelf as gun storage
Photos courtesy of MKS Furniture Design


Repurpose your table into a concealed gun compartment, utilizing a magnetic lock to ensure both security and child safety.

Table Gun Safe
Photo Courtesy of Yeti Country
Table gun safe
Photo captured from Sandra James LLC

Book shelf

Install a bookcase with a hidden gun safe tucked behind the books. Gain access to your firearms either by carefully selecting the correct book or by seamlessly integrating a magnetic lock.

gun compartment bookshelf
Photo courtesy of JTBrantley

Sleeper Sofa

Convert your sleeper sofa into gun storage at home by adding a secret compartment within. This not only ensures quick access to your guns but also seamlessly complements the room’s decor.

Sleeper Sofa Gun Safe
Photo courtesy of MOGR7


Sleep soundly knowing that security is at an arm’s reach. Utilize extra spaces on your bed frame by creating a headboard with hidden gun storage or concealed shelves under the bed. Remember to incorporate locks for childproofing!

Bed gun storage
Photo Courtesy of MOGR7

Old Soda Machine 

Hold off on discarding those soda machines! Instead, recycle them into a multi-functional secret gun storage that can hold several guns and ammo, including scopes

Soda Machine Gun Storage
Photo from Concealed Soda Safes


This might be a bigger renovation, but well worth it to convert a few steps of your staircase into a covert long-range rifle compartment. 

Photo courtesy of MOGR7


And there you have it! Your spouse will surely appreciate that the gun storage furniture you built blends seamlessly without being an eyesore in your home!


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