SIG Sauer P220 Carry

P220 Carry twotone photo
The P220 Carry with the stainless slide.

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Summary: Nick Jacobellis’ review and rating of the SIG Sauer P220 Carry pistol, including photos, SIG’s pricing and specs, and user ratings and comments.

Editor’s Review

SIG P220 Carry Nick Jacobellis photo
The author with his P220 Carry.

In the past 25 or so years, I’ve had the opportunity to field test every pistol in SIG Sauer’s classic line, in every caliber with every possible trigger option.

This includes classic SIGs with and without night sights and accessory rails, such as the 9mm SIG P225, the 9mm P228, the 9mm P226, the P229 in .40 SW and .357 SIG, the P239 in 9mm, .40 S&W and .357 SIG, and the .45 ACP P220, P220 Carry and P220 Compact.
In this test and evaluation, I examine the P220 Carry.

The Details

The SIG Sauer P220 Carry is chambered in .45 ACP and has the same grip size as the full-size P220, but it carries a 3.9″ barrel instead of the 4.4″ barrel found on the full-size model. Like the full-size model, the P220 Carry weighs roughly 30 oz. unloaded. All of the new Classic series SIG Sauer Pistols including the new P220 variants are constructed with a Nitron (blackened) stainless steel slide and an alloy frame. In addition to the standard six-round magazine, seven, eight and 10 round magazines work in all P220-series pistols, and I’ve found them all to function reliably. Seven and eight round magazines fit flush.

This pistol is also available with a picatinny accessory rail and either post-and-dot contrast sights, or three-dot SIGLITE night sights. Some of the single-action-only (SAO) P220 Carry models feature an extended beavertail.

Trigger Talk

P220 Carry twotone photo
The P220 Carry with the stainless slide.

Over the past year or so, I’ve had the opportunity to extensively field-test six different P220 Carrys with all the available trigger systems, including SAO, double-action/single-action (DA/SA) and double-action-only (DAO). I found the P220 Carry equipped with a DAO trigger very user friendly. In fact, of all the SIGs with a DAO trigger, the P220 Carry version proved the easiest to shoot with tremendous precision. My only complaint: This trigger system can feel a bit different on different SIG pistols. I suspect the reason for this is due to the fact that different SIGs have different ergonomics that change your reach to the trigger.

I had an interesting experience with the SAO model. I prefer to carry my handguns concealed inside the waistband of my pants, usually in a De Santis or Uncle Mikes inside-the-pants holster. I carried the SAO P220 this way, and on one occasion I discovered the safety lever was disengaged with the hammer cocked.

Even after SIG sent me several new replacement springs that made the thumb-activated safety lever harder to be accidentally disengage, I spent half my day checking the safety lever to ensure it was working properly. Ultimately, I concluded the SAO model did not work for my concealed carry needs, and even though I really liked my pair of SAO P220 Carrys, I had no choice but to sell them at my local police supply store in order to gain peace of mind.

DA0 trigger: 7.5 lbs.
DA/SA trigger: 10 lbs. & 4.4 lbs.
SAO trigger: 5 lbs.

Had SIG designed the SAO P220 Carry with a grip safety, I would’ve felt better about carrying these pistols cocked and locked. I do have a friend who carries his SAO P220 Carry and considers it one of his favorite and most accurate .45 ACP pistols. Bottom line: As long as you’re comfortable carrying the SAO P220 Carry in an appropriate holster with the hammer cocked and locked like a 1911, this pistol can be an excellent choice for a concealed carry pistol, especially if you like shooting pistols with an SAO trigger system. It just didn’t work out for me.

Of all the SIG Sauer trigger systems, my personal favorite is the standard DA/SA trigger. I prefer the DA/SA SIGs because SIG has perfected their DA/SA triggers over the years to the point where they are generally smooth and crisp out of the box. Should you get one that’s not smooth, crisp and short in throw, you can have a spring kit installed,  or a trigger job completed at the SIG factory. Or you can simply shoot your pistol because I’ve found that even the roughest DA/SA SIG triggers improve with use.

When considering any DA/SA pistol, look for a first-shot double-action trigger pull that allows you to consistently hit a man-size target from the 25 yard line. If you can, you will usually have no problem keeping all of your follow-up, single-action shots on target as well. And remember: When you operate any DA/SA pistol, make sure you manually lower or decock the hammer using the docking lever when you are finished firing to avoid accidentally holstering a pistol with the hammer cocked and ready to fire.

Shots Fired

SIG P220 Carry target results photo
The author shot tight groups at close-quarter battle distances with his P220 Carry.

As far as accuracy is concerned, the P220 Carry is capable of delivering the most precise shot placement imaginable as long as you hold up your end as the operator. In my case, I prefer the P220 Compact, a pistol that I used to score a 250 out of 250 points when I qualified this year on a POST Certified Police Firearms Qualification timed course of fire.

However, the P220 Carry performed just as well, and you can easily use it to qualify with on any law enforcement firearms qualification course of fire. While testing and training with P220 Carry, I’ve been able to deliver connect-the-dots accurate shot placement at close-quarter-battle and beyond as long as I held up my end as the operator.

I also found the P220 Carry and even the P220 Compact to be a bit softer shooting than the full-size P220. I’m no expert in physics, but according to an article written by Massad Ayoob in the 2007 Complete Book of Handguns Magazine, a senior SIG Sauer engineer by the name of Joe Kiessel “suspects that the shorter slide on a SIG 220 Carry model creates less momentum during the recoil cycle.” This statement offers a reasonable scientific explanation why the SIG 220 Carry shoots softer than the full-size SIG 220.

I suspect the same concept applies to all compact pistols. Of course certain ammunition, especially +P ammunition, is the wild card.


If you prefer the feel of a full-size service pistol I recommend the P220 Carry. If you prefer or need a .45 ACP pistol that’s a tad easier to carry concealed, go with a P220 Compact. The good news? You can’t go wrong with either.

All three models have something to offer. With the full-size model, you get closer to maximizing the performance of .45 ACP ammunition, especially if you use standard velocity ammunition. The Carry is easier to carry concealed, especially if you carry a pistol in-an-inside the pants holster. The Compact has the shortest grip and has the same barrel length as the Carry Model. The Compact works best for me now that I’m retired, and I own a pair of them.

I give the SIG 220 Carry and Compact models 10 out of 10 stars. In my book, these pistols are as close to perfect as any handgun can possibly be.

Nick Jacobellis photoNick Jacobellis is a medically retired U.S. Customs Agent and former police officer who was physically disabled in the line of duty while working as an undercover federal agent.

The Specs

Caliber Capacity BBL OAL Height Width Weight
.45 ACP 6+1, 7+1, 8+1, 10+1 3.9″ 7.1″ 5.5″ 1.5″ 30.4 oz.

P220 Carry Pricing & Shopping

MSRP: $1,029 (black)
MSRP: $1,086 (two tone)

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10 thoughts on “SIG Sauer P220 Carry”

  1. I got a P220 in SAO and I’m retired LEO and carried 1911’s early in my career and the last 15 to 20 years carried a Glock. I love my P220 so much better that I can’t believe I had never carried one until now. Great feel, great shooter and I just love it.

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  2. I inherited a P-220 from my father’s estate and I must say it is the best hand gun hands down. Simple operation and performs flawlessly. My cousin has a Glock 40 and I just don’t like it. Doesn’t fit my hand as well as my 220. Fired both and perfer the 220 over the Glock. Couldn’t imagine having any other weapon in hand.

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  3. I have a P220 Carry Equinox and it is by far the best and most reliable firearm I have ever used. I just wish Uncle Sam would make the switch back the .45 and preferably a Sig P220 as well. The P220 is spot on.

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  4. When I was an active LEO I was Instructor and Rangemaster at one of my department’s substations. When semi-autos were authorized the P226 was one of them. One of my instructors bought one and allowed us, the other instructors, to try it. We put about 10k rounds through the weapon in about 6 mos. It only shot better operating flawlessly. Following my retirement I purchased a P220 and have used and carried it since the early 90’s. I find it to be as reliable as my 1911, more comfortable to shoot and safer to carry. My P220 is everything we found the P226 to be and more, because it’s mine! The weapon is as accurate as I can hold and digests any ammo I feed it including my hand-loads. If I don’t have my trusty P220 my P250C is with me. Far as I’m concerned, SIG, no matter the model, is the BEST!

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  5. Make no mistake, this is the preeminent DA/SA 45 and the best to be found in the catagory. Superb trigger and balance makes for natural pointing pistol

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  6. I traded in my SIG P250 Tactical 9mm for the P220 Carry 6 months ago, and boy am I happy with my decision. I prefer the DA/SA over DAO, and the P220 Carry performs flawlessly. I was amazed to find the pistol is more comfortable to shoot in .45 than my P250 was to shoot in 9mm!

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  7. Daniel Leatherwood

    I carry my Sig 220 compact daily. It is extremely accurate and makes me a better shooter. The gun is easy to carry for an extended period and when it is in my hand I feel confident that I can hit what I shoot at.
    I have complete faith in my Sig P220. It is the perfect carry pistol.

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  9. This is one of the best 45s on the market,very accurate and 100% reliable in my experience…I also have a 15 year old P220 with the folded slide…its accurate and 100% reliable as well

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  10. This may be an old review, but it’s just as informative now as it was then. Just have one comment about this great review; “Had SIG designed the SAO P220 Carry with a grip safety, I would’ve felt better about carrying these pistols cocked and locked”.
    As a veteran myself, I respect your comments and needs, but had Sig implemented a grip safety, I simply would have never bought one. Not a fan of grip safeties, they’re awkward & fairly uncomfortable. I love my P220. It’s very accurate and tough. A few years after I retired from the military, at a dinner party away from home, an armed home invader came to visit. (pass through risk was extreme with children behind the criminal, so I had to flank him and after a few strikes to his computer with a P220, he was put into submission. (Good thing I had my SIG in my vehicle that day, as bashing his melon with a Glock or my USP might have broken the polymer frames)
    The link below is to the newspaper article; ” BSO Deputies Save Mugger From Angry Victims” (I wasn’t angry, but since he was on PCP it took a little effort. His eyes tell the story)

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