Top 5 Barska Rifle Scope Reviews [2019]


Barska is a Californian based manufacturer of precision sports optics renowned all over the world. The brand’s policy is that of producing high-quality optics at affordable prices, but are they meeting their goal? Find out reading our Barska scope reviews.

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Barska Scope Reviews

To stay true to their standard, Barska uses the latest optical technology to manufacture rifle scopes, binoculars and other types of tactical and sports optics designed for all those who want to enjoy quality outdoor activities.

Among the many models proposed by the company, one that stands out is BARSKA 3-9×42 IR 2nd Generation Sniper Riflescope.

This versatile tactical scope is designed to excel in a wide variety of targeting situations, the users describing it as extremely reliable and easy to use.

The IR 2nd Generation Sniper Riflescope is built with an integrated sniper edged sun-shade that reduces the brightness when used in direct sunlight. The optical performances, on the other hand, are great.

This rifle scope boasts a 42mm objective lens and a 9X magnification, features that give the scope sharp, bright images and excellent contrast. For easier targeting even in low light conditions, the scope features an illuminated green and red dot reticle with 5 levels of brightness.

Sniper’s design is solid, and the scope is waterproof, fog-proof and shockproof.

The scope comes with a selection of useful accessories such as mounting rings, battery, lens caps and cleaning cloth. All these features, together with the limited lifetime warranty, make us consider it the best Barska scope.

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We don’t expect you to take our word for granted. If Sniper is not for you, take a look at our top 5 Barska scope reviews.

1. BARSKA CO11342 3-9X40 Colorado Riflescope

BARSKA CO11342 3-9X40 Colorado Riflescope

Barska’s Colorado line includes a series of binoculars and tactical scopes designed to bring precision and accuracy at a more than affordable price. According to the users’ reviews, Colorado’s rifle scope performances are indeed excellent.

Optical Performance

Colorado CO11342 has high-quality optics that provide a distortion-free visual. Designed for short or medium range targeting, this rifle scope boasts a 40mm objective lens and a magnification between 3 and 9X. The lens is fully coated, providing bright and clear images.


Colorado CO11342 presents a rugged construction designed for easy use. The scope boasts a 1-inch monotube that is compatible with the vast majority of rifles and other firearms. Regarding the targeting characteristics, it comes with a 30/30 reticle suitable for both shooters and hunters. The construction is waterproof and fog proof.


The manufacturer included lens caps and a cleaning cloth in the package, but unfortunately, you will have to purchase the mounting rings separately.

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2. BARSKA 3-12×50 IR Cross Huntmaster Pro Riflescope

BARSKA 3-12x50 IR Cross Huntmaster Pro Riflescope

Specifically created for hunters, the Huntmaster Pro will be your trustworthy companion that will not allow light limit your game.

Optical Performance

Huntmaster Pro is designed to provide a wide eye relief and incredible magnification, the scope being ideal for long range targeting and shooting from a safe distance. In technical terms, the instrument comes with a 50mm objective lens and it has a maximum magnification of 12X.


This rifle scope boasts a 30/30 illuminated reticle with 11 brightness settings that guarantees the effective use of the instrument in low light conditions. The infrared technology, on the other hand, will allow you to spot with ease static or moving targets even in the dark.


The instrument comes with a lens cleaning cloth and a battery, as well as lens caps. The mounting rings are not included but thanks to the slim design you will be able to find many compatible accessories.

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3. BARSKA 3-9×32 Plinker-22 Riflescope

BARSKA 3-9x32 Plinker-22 Riflescope

With a myriad of top Barska scope reviews from many users, the Plinker-22 model cannot be ignored. This rifle scope is built for versatility and it is compatible with a wide range of firearms.

Optical Performance

Plinker-22 provides the sharp optical clarity specific to all Barska instruments. This precision optical instrument comes with a 32mm objective lens that provides a wide eye relief. The maximum magnification power is 9X and the instrument is parallax-free adjusted at 50 yards.


Any hunter or shooter knows that the optical instrument should provide an easy adjustment and Plinker-22 doesn’t disappoint. This scope offers 0.25-inch click adjustment and it comes with a 30/30 reticle. This scope is manufactured specifically for .22 rifles and rimfires but thanks to the versatile design it can suit other firearms as well.


This instrument comes with .38 dovetail rings for easy mounting, lens caps, and a cleaning cloth.

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4. BARSKA 1-4×28 IR Scope

BARSKA 1-4x28 IR Scope

Built specifically for the SWAT, this rifle scope by Barska is ideal for those searching for a short range instrument. The only drawback is the slightly higher price compared to other Barska scopes for sale.

Optical Performance

This tactical scope impresses with its incredible clarity and with the accurate IR night view. The 1X magnification will allow you to use the instrument with your iron sights and for distance targeting, you can choose the desired magnification power up to 4X. The 28mm wide objective lens provides a wide eye relief.


The 1-4X28 IR model comes with a multicolored illuminated mil-dot reticle that turns green for daylight targeting and red or black for night use. The design is compact and it maintains a low profile, making the instrument perfect for use on carbines. The construction is shockproof, waterproof and fog proof.


The scope comes with a 1” dual cantilever ring, a CR2032 battery and flip-up covers.

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5. BARSKA 6.5-20X50 AO Varmint Target Dot Riflescope

BARSKA 6.5-20X50 AO Varmint Target Dot Riflescope

Our last Barska scope review is dedicated to the AO Varmint, a rifle scope designed for hunting in almost all light conditions.

Optical Performance

AO Varmint boasts a 50mm objective lens and an incredible magnification capacity that varies between 6.5 and 20X. With an outstanding eye relief and an adjustable objective for parallax correction, this rifle scope is ideal for activities such as varmint hunting, long-range precision shooting and more.


Using this scope is a real pleasure thanks to the Target Dot reticle and 1/8 MOA of the elevation turret. The design is slim, the instrument featuring a 1” tube construction that is fog proof, waterproof and shockproof.


Sadly, the scope doesn’t come with mounting rings. Nevertheless, the manufacturer included scope caps and a cleaning cloth in the package.

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