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With a myriad of models of military scopes available on the market, choosing the right one for your needs is certainly a daunting experience. What should you look for when searching the best model?

The first thing to do before starting searching for the best tactical scope is to determine your real needs. If you are looking for a tactical scope for professional use, then you might want to consider a fixed magnification power instrument that is often more reliable in terms of image clarity.

On the contrary, if you need a scope for recreational use, then one with a variable magnification power is more versatile.

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Choosing our favorite tactical scope wasn’t exactly a breeze, but after trying the performances of various models we came to the unanimous conclusion that the best military scope is the Crossfire II 4-12×40 AO Riflescope by Vortex.

The manufacturer is famous for its reliable and durable sports optics, and this rifle scope stands to the standards.

The Crossfire II is defined by crystal clear images provided by the high-quality multicoated lens system. The variable magnification between 4 and 12X allows targeting with ease even at long ranges. The field of view is relatively wide thanks to the 40mm objective lens.

This rifle scope has a 1” tube and a DEAD-HOLD BDC reticle, ideal for easy targeting during military actions or tactical exercises.

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As we already mentioned, we tested quite a few tactical scopes before deciding upon the best, and this helped us make a classification of the top military scopes available on the market.

1. AR15 C4-16x50EG Tactical Rifle Scope Combo

AR15 C4-16x50EG Tactical Rifle Scope Combo

XOPin might not be a famous tactical optics manufacturer but those who invested in the AR15 C4-16x50EG are certainly impressed with its performances.

Optical Performance

The manufacturer used a high-quality system of fully coated lenses in the construction of this tactical scope, therefore expect bright images and incredible clarity. The variable magnification between 4 and 12X makes this instrument ideal for tactical use while the objective lens has a diameter of 50mm.


This instrument comes with a red and green Multi-X reticle with 5 brightness levels. There is also a fast focus eyepiece with ¼ MOA that adjusts the field of view and the parallax. Lastly, the tubeless holographic sight with the 33mm reflex lens will certainly help you acquire and shoot moving targets with extreme ease. The ar15 scope is compatible with all .22mm firearms with Picatinny rail mount as well as with all AR15 shotguns.


The instrument comes with a holographic sight and a compact red laser sight, three Allen keys, three AG13 batteries and two CR2032 batteries among other accessories.

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2. UTG 3-9X32 BugBuster Scope

UTG 3-9X32 BugBuster Scope

Impressing with its sturdy construction and excellent optical qualities, the BugBuster scope by UTG is extremely popular. It also comes at an affordable price.

Optical Performance

With a magnification power of up to 9X, this military scope might not be suitable for long range shooting but it certainly is for tactical activities specific to the SWAT teams or for recreational activities such as softball. The field of view is fairly wide thanks to the 32mm objective lens and the images provided are bright and clear.


This rifle scope comes with a traditional military Mil-Dot reticle designed for optimal aiming and shooting. The instrument is parallax free from 3 yards to infinity and it boasts dual red and green illumination for missions during daylight or twilight.


The instrument comes with a 2” sunshade, flip-open lens cover and detachable rings that fit Picatinny are Weaver rails. Unfortunately, a battery is not included.

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3. Monstrum Tactical 3-9×32 AO Rifle Scope

Military Scopes

If you are looking for a good military scope for sale, then you should consider the Monstrum Tactical 3-9X32 AO Rifle Scope. This model is easy to use, intuitive and appreciated by many users.

Optical Performance

Monstrum Tactical comes with an adjustable objective lens that allows a sharp focus on the target and range estimation while it eliminates parallax. The crystal clear images are ensured by the high-quality lens system with variable magnification between 3 and 9X. The 32mm objective lens guarantees a great field of view.


This rifle scope has a dual illuminated reticle with 5 brightness levels to allow a better visibility in low light conditions. The transition between red and green is smooth. For windage and elevation adjustments, the instrument is equipped with ¼ MOA dial with locking turrets.


The scope comes with a pair of 1-inch mounting rings that allow mounting the instrument on any Picatinny or Weaver rails. Other included accessories are a CR2032 battery and a set of caps for the lens.

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4. CVLIFE Optics 2.5-10x40E Riflescope

CVLIFE Optics 2.5-10x40E Riflescope

An outstanding tactical scope that can be used for a multitude of purposes including professional military activity, hunting or tactical recreational activities is the  CVLIFE Optics 2.5-10x40E rifle scope.

Optical Performance

This tactical instrument impresses with the clarity of its images, the scope boasting a variable magnification of up to 10X and a 40mm objective lens. A great feature of the ocular is the Keller eyepiece with dioptric adjustments that allows the elimination of the aberrations and a clear viewfinder image without the use of eyeglasses.


We are sure you will be impressed by the 2-in-1 design of this scope that doubles as gunsight laser. The reticle boasts dual illumination with 5 brightness level adjustments.


The instrument comes with mounting rings and batteries for both the reticle and the laser.

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5. UUQ C4-12X50 AR15 Riflescope

UUQ C4-12X50 AR15 Riflescope

Our last military scope review is about the C4-12X50 AR15 model by UUQ. This model is quite similar to the XOPin rifle presented above. Nevertheless, we had to include it on our list since it is a really popular product.

Optical Performance

This rifle scope is ideal for both tactical use and long range shooting, coming with a variable magnification between 4 and 12X. The 50mm objective lens provides a really wide field of view.


As you could expect from any tactical scope, this model comes with a dual illuminated reticle that makes the scope suitable for daylight and low light conditions use. Furthermore, the instrument is compatible with all Picatinny and Weaver rails of 22 and 11mm.


It is hard to say what accessories are included since the manufacturer doesn’t specify it. However, we tend to believe that at least the essentials such as the battery and a cleaning cloth come with the product.

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