The Best Special Forces Watches

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When thinking about a special forces watch, the first thing that comes to mind are rugged watches that can perform exceptionally in the most adverse conditions.

For this reason, it is easy to understand why owning a special forces watch for men means possessing an accessory of supreme quality.

With dozens of military watch brands available on the market, the question that arises is what makes special forces timepieces different.

Like the best military watch and the best swiss military watch, these watches are built to withstand the test of time and to run perfectly under any circumstances.

Furthermore, the manufacturers usually equip these watches with state-of-the-art technology and design them for the specific needs of the military forces they address, such as for the Navy or Aviation.

Our selection of top special forces watches addresses military professionals, adventurers or simply those men who like to wear an important timepiece.

Our Reviews Of The Best Special Forces Watches

#1 Luminox 8832.MI Recon Watch

Luminox 8832.MI Recon Watch


A watch designed specifically for professional military personnel, the 8832.MI Recon addresses the military navigation specialists, namely those persons responsible for keeping the designated route to reach the target, as well as all the adventurers who need a reliable timepiece during their explorations.

Luminox developed the 8832.MI model in accordance with the advice offered by a former military security NCO, the result being an analogic watch that perfectly meets the necessities of all ground patrols.

The functions and characteristics of this watch are designed to impress. The watch incorporates a tachymeter, dual time zones, three common map scales, a measurement tool that can be set to measure in either inches or centimeters, as well as a comparison chart.

Furthermore, the watch is also equipped with a removable compass, it features a diving timing unidirectional bezel and it is self-powered constantly illuminated for easier use in low-light or no-light conditions.

All these features are enclosed in an attractive stainless steel case, and the design is completed by the black rubber wristband.

#2 Marathon WW194006 GSAR Watch

Marathon WW194006 GSAR Watch


Marathon is a brand famous for its Swiss made authentic military timepieces that are built according to the US Government’s specifications, field tested and approved by the soldiers. No wonder its brother, the WW194007 TSAR, made it to our list of the US military watch standard issue.

Among all the models manufactured by the company, the GSAR model, namely the Government Search and Rescue watch, impresses with its elegant design and technical features.

The design of the watch is simple yet functional, the piece being water resistant at 1000 feet, powered by a self-winding mechanism and self-illuminated by tritium gas tubes.

Despite its rather expensive price, the Marathon WW194006 GSAR is extremely popular, many users describing it as eye-catchy and reliable.

In fact, several Marine and Aerospace users confessed that the GSAR special forces watch is of a great quality.

#3 Invicta Men’s Bolt Watch


Invicta is one of those brands that accustomed its fans with opulent timepieces designed to bring class even in the most adverse conditions, and things are no different when it comes to the Invicta Bolt watch.

The manufacturer doesn’t specify if this watch was built specifically for the special forces, nevertheless its exceptional features make it more than suitable to be used in any military task.

The feature that impresses is, without a doubt, its ability to withstand the test of diving or any professional marine activity, the timepiece being water-resistant at 660 feet.

Aesthetically, the Bolt distinguishes itself thanks to the stylish gold stainless steel bezel and black dial.

The dial is protected by a mineral window that is scratch resistant, while the black rubber strap gives the final touch of elegance.

It also has 60min, 60sec, 24hr functional subdials.

The Invicta Bolt watch will definitely make you stand out among the crowd.

#4 Luminox 3059.SET Scott Cassell Watch

Luminox 3059.SET Scott Cassell Watch


Among the many Luminox watches built specifically for the special forces, another watch that caught our attention is the 3059.SET Scott Cassell model.

This watch owes its name to a counter-terrorism operative expert and undersea explorer, the manufacturer considering this timepiece an essential gear for the military professionals and explorers alike.

To show its concern for the viability of the oceans and to support the Sea Wolves and Underwater Voyager organizations, Luminox even donates a part of the profits generated by the sale of this model to support Cassell’s work.

The 3059.SET is characterized by the bright orange background of the analog dial, a color easily visible underwater. The watch is water resistant at 660 feet and as all the other Luminox timepieces, it features a self-illumination characteristic. It’s not as bright as tritium watches, but it’s more than enough for you to use in the dark.

Other than this, the watch’s design is consistent with the other Luminox timepieces, and it is equipped with a compass and a unidirectional bezel.

#5 Casio Pro Trek Watch

Casio Pro Trek Watch


Among all the special forces watches on the market, we have chosen the Casio Pro Trek watch as the last entry in our list.

Like G-Shock military watches, the Pro Trek is one of the best military digital watches from Casio and it is available in two color versions, anthracite black and silver. The watch is really shock and scratch resistant thanks to the stainless steel case and titanium wristband.

The digital display is extremely intuitive, while the numerous functions include an altimeter and barometer, 5 independent daily alarms and hourly time signal, power saving function, and more.

The Pro Trek also has a compass that will be of great help when hiking in unfamiliar terrains. A tactical GPS watch is also another viable option.

Furthermore, the altimeter memory provides access to an altitude log so you can easily monitor the activity.

If you want another reliable Casio watch that won’t hurt your wallet, check out our Casio G7900 review.

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Final Thoughts

Deciding upon the best special forces watch was tough, but in the end, our favorite is the Luminox 8832.MI Recon.

In our opinion, this is a complete watch that provides military performances at an accessible price. We like the detachable compass, as well as the multiple “terrain” functions that are combined with the water resistance feature.

All these characteristics, together with the attractive contemporary design and with the popularity of the watch make us consider it the top of its category.

It didn’t make it to our list above, but as we all know, SUUNTO Core also makes the toughest outdoor watches. Here’s our SUUNTO Core all black review if you’re curious.

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